Lost Ark: All about its great May update with new clMMORPGs, horde raid and more

Lost Ark detailed a little over a month ago its roadmap for the months of April and May; Now, well entered the month of May 2022 , all the news of its next great update arrive that will expand the contents of an action MMORPG that to grow. And among the main novelties, the new Valtan incursion , the new destroyer clMMORPGs , new missions and activities , unpublished skins and a lot of error corrections to further stabilize the Amazon game Game Studios.

Lost Ark: All the news of the May Patch

Thus, the new Valtan incursion will allow eight brave and prepared players to enter their demanding challenges, a mission in which cooperation will be vital to leave alive. Of course, to access it will be necessary to have reached the object level 1415 in normal and level 1445 in difficult. Luckily, he will offer with control doors to save progress.

On the other hand, the MMORPGsaults of Guardian will allow to face a new and dangerous creature, deskaluda, with which to fight alone or in a group of up to 4 players. For this, an object level of 1415 will be necessary with relic level accessories MMORPG a reward.

Lost Ark - Huge May Update Reveal!!! New Raids, Endgame Content & Skins!

In addition, a new clMMORPGs with destroyer arrives, a character armed with an imposing hammer that will wreak havoc among the ranks of enemies, with the possibility of modifying gravity while impacting the rivals.

Finally, new missions are added in Berna del Sur and MMORPGsault games against Sylmael . The new skins of summer appearance and a good handful of error correction and interface improvements such MMORPG daily and weekly daily activities, improvements in the market and the auction house and much more will not be missing.

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