The best Frudy Friday Night.

Friday Night Funkin ’(FNF)-a rhythm game that conquered the Internet at the end of 2020. Inspired by Adobe/Macromedia Flash players of the early 2000s and under the influence of Newgrounds and Flash animation cultures, the game became a hit due to its pure gameplay and unique style.

BEST Friday Night Funkin´(Animated)

After a surge in popularity during the first six months of release and the successful Kickstarter, a new, “full” version of the game should be released somewhere in 2022. However, until then, you may have to wait for new tracks, new weeks and, as a rule, a fresh look at the game. But, fortunately, thanks to the incredibly devoted FNF community, you have many mods to choose from!

Take a look at some of the best mods Friday Night Funkin ‘Mods:

8) FNF against. Sonic.exe

Taking into account the aesthetics of the gloomy horror of some basic weeks FNF, vs. Sonic.exe adds to the game a horror version of Sonic and other familiar characters of Sonic. Melodic songs in the style of chip tun and a crazy increase in complexity will make you play.

Moreover, this is not one week. These are seven new songs and its own story, divided into several acts with the participation of several opponents.

Take it here.

7) FNF against the impostor among us v3

Among us is one of the most popular indie games ever created, so it is not surprising that fans made a crossover with FNF, another beloved Indie game. In it, you are fighting for survival with the impostors among us.

Several stages and wild difficulty, this is not for the faint of heart. But if you are looking for the next big problem in FNF, be sure to read this mod inspired by “among us.”

Find FNF against the impostor among us here.

6) cunning mod

Inspired by a series of flash animations and games Madness on Newgrounds, Tricky Maud adds to the game a familiar enemy-dermon-clown. A cruel enemy, which is difficult to win, this new week you will find original music and plot. With the KAT scenes added, three levels of complexity and many old-school flash animations and winks, this is a mandatory game for fans of the genre.

In addition, incredible leaps in difficulties and three unique stages make it one of the most impressive mods for FNF. This is currently the most popular Friday Night Funkin on Gamebanana for a reason!

Download the cunning mod here.

5) VS Whitti Mod

VS Whitty mod was one of the earliest and most pure new mods of characters in the game. Adding titled Whitti as a new opponent, the mod was also one of the first to add much greater difficulty than in the main game. This instantly made him a favorite of fans.

Whitti’s burning voice, similar to a guitar riff, is a completely unique sound for the game. In combination with some truly complex tracks, rollers and new dialogs, this is an important mod for the game-definitely one of the best mods for Friday Night Funkin ’. Unfortunately, the mod is currently not available for loading, but you can play all week in your browser.

Play the VS Whitty mod for the whole week here:

4) Friday Night Funkin ‘Miku Mod

Hatsune Miku, the most famous virtual idol in the world, is the main addition to games in almost every Modder community, and Friday Night Funkin ’is no exception. Adding a whole week of new songs in Vocaloid style, Miku mod will be an ideal addition to your FNF passage.

This is a small mod, but it works very well with other modifications and plugins for the game. This is not just a song; These are three tracks and a story for a week, which makes it a great way to expand your impressions of FNF.

Get Modi mod here.

3) Silva package

A collection of various new tracks and opponents, Silva Pack adds to the game Mario Nintendo, Big Chungus, Among US Imposter and others. This includes a complete transformation of all existing weeks and many new bi-sites and free tracks. It is also absolute visual horror, which makes it one of the most intense mods on this list.

In addition, the mod adds complex modes, simple modes, new backgrounds and a new week of testing. There is also a super -word complexity of HellBeats that will face you with big chungus in one of the most difficult tests in FNF. A prerequisite for avid players Friday Night Funkin.

Get Silva’s package here.

2) Holofank (Holly Fankin)

Some of the best mods begin as a short fur coat, and then develop into a full -fledged project. This definitely refers to Hololive Funkin ’, a fashion that began as a fake screenshot on Twitter, but quickly became a reality. In Holofunk, all FNF characters are replaced by many talents Hololive Vtuber. Mori Kalliopa, Guards Gura, Amelia Watson and Shishiro Botan take on the role of opponents, and Momosuzu Nena becomes the character of the “girlfriend”.

But besides the fashion for a popular game, Holofunk became a tribute to Hololive Vtubers, who completed training (retired). With Mano Aloe in the role of the protagonist and Kiryu Coco with her unique week and songs, this is a loving tribute from fans of both Hololive and Friday Night Funkin ’.

Get Hololive Funkin ‘here.

1) FNF: Indie Cross against Cuphead, Sans & Bendy

FNF: Indie Cross vs Cuphead, Sans & Bendy combines some of the most indie (and not so) games in this fashion, combining three different mods into one super-completion.

Mod contains new songs, such as Sansational (against Sansa from Undertale). But also the battle with the snake eye of Kapheda and, of course, Bendy, fighting with the player, as on his own scene inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine. High complexity, but many excellent references in this tribute to indie games.

Get indie Cross here.

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