Auo showed 480-stage monitors and laptop screens

During the Sid Display Week 2022 exhibition, Auo showed its latest displays, among which there was a place for 480-stage panels. It is stated that the manufacturer offered 24 and 16-inch screens with a resolution of 1920×1080 and previously named vertical scan frequency. There is, however, in this announcement and a spoon of tar is a TN panel.

How to Set Up Stage Monitors

It is worth clarifying that now most of the manufacturers are gradually refusing TN panels in favor of OLED, VA and IPS, but one cannot deny the fact that the ultra-high values of the vertical scan frequency are much easier to achieve with TN matrixes.

The trailer also shown Amled panels (Adaptive Mini Led), as well as 16-inch QHD Amoled screens for laptops and much more.

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