“Fall Guys” is free to play in June! Switch/Xbox/Epic Games Store version is also available [Update]

Developer MediaTonic has announced the basic play of the basic play of the large –scale online party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout “, which was managed by the company at 2:00 am on May 17, Japan time. This work is currently being distributed for Steam and PlayStation. It will be free on June 21 with the distribution of the Nintendo Switch version, Xbox version, and Epic Games store version.

In addition, the basic play is fully compatible with cross -play, cross -platform party, and cross -processing with the Epic Games account for free. Players who own the PlayStation version and Steam version will continue to update (new season, patches, new features, etc.), but it will not be possible to download new with STEAM . If you want to play a PC version with a new player, you need to download the launcher from the Epic Games store.

Other information is as follows.

Fall Guys - Official Free to Play Trailer

Natural Jelly Beans Lega Gai Pack!

I am grateful to the wonderful players who have been constantly supporting us from the first step of our remarks. So, before the launch of June 21, we will purchase “Fall GUYS” and give a new Legacy Pack to everyone who played. This dancing fun pack is packed with nickname, nameplate, luxurious costumes, veg dog costumes, short -tempered dwarves, and premium paths for Season 1!

To ensure a legacy pack, start “Fall Guys” by June 21! If you have never started “Fall Guys”, you will miss this lively bundle!

Season 1…?

As many new players are invited to the Sun Zander Dome, the launch of June will be kicked off with a new season and will be a formal welcome feast! Be ready to compete with a huge arena with free for all.

New stages, costumes, evolving gameplay, cross -platforms, and cross -progresses mean new challengers, new friends, and new squadmates. Please look forward to various information for June 21.

What is the season pass?

The season pass, which starts with the newly improved gorgeous season 1, is a supercharged version of the free achievement path, and can be purchased in the new in-game currency Show-Bucks . With this season pass, you can get new costumes and other unlock items. Don’t forget that the first season pass will be provided for everyone who receives the legacy pack for free!

At the time of launch, there are 100 stages that can be unlocked in the season pass, and if you reach the upper limit, you can unlock the next season pass! If you do not receive the season pass, you can continue to use the free achievement path, and all players can take over KUDOS from the previous version.

Pre -registration is being accepted on the official website. It seems that various rewards are locked according to the number of registrants. Check out the official FAQ. The largest game play -up date in the history of “Fall GUYS” has been prepared, and some of the initiatives are shown in YouTube distribution. In addition, it has been revealed that the release is still ahead, but that can build their own rounds.

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