The launch date of Fall Guys is Going Free-To is revealed

Fall Guys will be officially free next month along with new Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store. Developer Mediatonic promised a few days ago that he would have some mass news associated with fall guys to share to start this week. And although it seemed likely to finally arrive a release date for new platforms, this change to a free model is perhaps the most shocking news.

Fall Guys Is Going F2P! (Xbox & Switch Release)

From next month, on June 21, fall guys will be free to download and play for players on all platforms. In addition, this same date will also mark the arrival of the title to the Xbox, Switch and Epic Games Store platforms. Mediatonic confirmed at the beginning of 2021 that he planned to bring fall guys to new consoles in 2022, but the news on this front has been silent for quite some time. Finally, however, Xbox and Switch owners have a difficult date to mark on the calendar when it comes to playing now. Fall Guys.

However, probably the best part of this announcement is that fall guys will admit both cross -game and cross progression on all platforms. This means that you can not only play with your friends who could have fall guys for another platform, but you can also transfer your own progress between systems. So, if you play mainly fall guys in Xbox, but then you decide that you want to play with your Nintendo Switch, you can keep access to all your crowns, masks and other elements.

Finally, Mediaatonic has also confirmed that players who have already bought fall guys before this free change can win an “inherited package” in next month. This package will contain not only new masks, but also a season pass for the future. In short, almost everyone should be satisfied with today’s new announcement.

How do you feel about this important news that involves fall guys? Are you going to seek play for yourself now that it will arrive at Xbox and Switch? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or communicate on Twitter at @Mooreman12.

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