When is the next season Fall Guys? Dates, leaks, skins and much more!

Fall Guys Is Popular Again! (Biggest Update Ever)
Fall Guys stormed the market when it was released back in 2020. Although its popularity has decreased a little over the past couple of months, the game seems to be again a huge income. According to their announcement on twitter, June 21 , Fall Guys will be a free game, and will also be available on several platforms. Nevertheless, that’s all we know about the upcoming Fall Guys update.

all the new products of the first season Fall Guys

Date of the new season Fall Guys

According to the official announcements of Fall Guys will present a new season for June 21 itself. Mediatonic, a company developing Fall Guys, calls this new season the season 1. This day will also mark the launch of Fall Guys on nintedeno switch, xbox, and epic store .

seasonal ticket

Firstly, with the release of the 1st season, Fall Guys will also receive a seasonal subscription. Like any other seasonal subscription, the Fall Guys seasonal subscription will have a free and premium level of development. You can purchase a seasonal subscription for Show-Bucks-a new game currency that will appear in the next season. The seasonal subscription will have 100 levels filled with awards. If you manage to unlock all levels, you will also have a chance to unlock the seasonal subscription for the second season.

Heritage Pack

If you played Fall Guys all this time, you will have the right to Legacy Pack. In fact, anyone who will buy and play Fall Guys until June 21 will receive Legacy Pack. This Legacy Pack will contain nickname , Signs with the name ,Royal costume , Costume of a vegetarian dog , costume of an evil gnome and Seasonal subscription to the 1st season*.

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