Fall Guys gets a stage builder and the players can name it

Fall Guys recently had a great announcement in which Mediatonic revealed that the game would appear for Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles for the very first time, and also announced that Fall Guys will be playable free of charge on June 21. With all this hype, an announcement seems to have remained largely unnoticed by the fans.

MAP BUILDER IN FALL GUYS!! ???????? - Fall Guys WTF Moments #164 (Season 6)
Fall Guys gives players the opportunity to create a brand new stage construction tool to their heart’s content. In the 30-second preview we can see all possible crazy gadgets, with huge rotating guillotines and our favorite beans, which are catapulted over the entire card.

This new Creator mode will enable the many creative individuals out there to think of crazy courses in which other players can compete against each other. The possibilities are really endless and could add a degree of longevity, the Guys case was missing before. We feel that some really chaotic and evil courses are made that are difficult to end even the biggest players.

In another surprising turn of the events, it also seems to be the case that Mediatonic allows players to name this new building tool. The developer asks in a tweet: “If you were the official name Things manager, what would you call this mode?”. This is very exciting and a cool way to bring the Guys community case together if you make suggestions for this new setting-hopefully all suggestions are family-friendly.

If you were the official Naming Things Manager, what would you call this mode?

It is still under construction, we just wanted to show them what we are working on because we knew that they would be thrilled! pic.twitter.com/fsfwayuoee

  • Fall Guys – Free for everyone – June 21 ???? (@Fallguysgame) 17. May 2022

There seems to be a nice selection of assets with which players can build their courses and they all seem to cost any form of currency – represented by the wrench under any object. We can see that objects can be changed in size, which makes it either huge or tiny – but we are not sure whether this applies to every object in the game.

So that’s all for this exciting case Guys’. Look that Fall Guys gets an Assassin’s Creed crossover with a new Eziio-Skin. This is a clean -looking bean.

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