In the Hakusura ARPG “Babylons Fall” Season 2, the story goes from the Babylon Tower to a new stage. A new weapon type of “Exhilarating Action” also appeared

Square Enix published an interview on May 19 on the online action RPG “Babylon’s Fall ( Babylons Fall )”. The interview introduces new information about Season 2, which is approaching the distribution date, and initiatives to fix and improve.

Babylons Fall is an action RPG jointly developed by Square Enix and Platinum Games, released in March this year. Hack and slash elements are used for game play, allowing up to four people to play. The player becomes a “patriot (centinel)” with a special gear “Gideon Kofin”, which gives the selected person special power, challenges a quest in the giant tower, Babylon, and has a loot. Get it and enhance the equipment.

In this work, Season 1 “Kuon no Giant Pagoda” is currently being held. Then, after the end of the same season on May 31, Season 2 will begin and a ver.1.2.0 update will be distributed. As the opening of the new season is approaching, developers interview articles have been published overseas. In the article, there is an interview with Kenji Saito of Platinum Games and Takanobu Sugiyama, the director of this work. Let’s pick up and introduce some.

First of all, what has changed since Babylon’s Fall has changed since its launch. This work has been updated, and new stories, new areas, new game modes, etc. have been implemented. In addition, new equipment has appeared every time it is updated. As a result, it is said that the content of the content at the time of release and almost the same amount of new elements are added.

In addition, matchmaking improvement and balance adjustment of the first half of the dungeon are being implemented. These content seemed to have been quickly corrected based on the player’s feedback. On the other hand, the development team recognizes that there are still many parts that are not improved. He says he will continue to work seriously to develop and improve this work and meet the expectations of players.

Next, about the information of Season 2 you are worried about. In Season 2, the story is moved to another place, not the Babylon Tower. In addition, a new weapon type will appear. With the new weapon, you can enjoy “light and pleasant action”. In the new season, a new limited -time event will be held.

It also introduced the improvement of graphics that will be implemented in Season 2. In this work, effects such as oil -like touch were adopted. This effect created the unique atmosphere of this work, which is a classic fantasy, but also reduced visibility in some areas. In this work of hack and slash style, there are many players who play laps. In such a game cycle, poor visibility was a problem to be corrected.

And, as revealed in the official live broadcast the other day, this effect will be eliminated in Season 2 (related article). The visibility in game play is enhanced and the stress of players is reduced. And this is also a correction based on the player’s feedback. Regarding the improvement of the graphics, the questionnaire has been conducted individually, so it can be said that the player’s voice is strongly reflected.

Regarding feedback from players, they prioritize the opinions of the official Discord server. The raw voice from the player is said to be very useful in development. These voices seem to help deepen the development team’s understanding of what the players want. Some users make specific and practical proposals.

The highest priority in the development team is to deliver a fun play environment as a hack and slash as the player wants. Thanks to the feedback from the players, it seems that most of the problems and issues in the game cycle can be grasped. In the future, the company will continue to work on improvements from issues that should be solved priority.

The reaction from the player at the release of Babylons Fall was divided into pros and cons. Finally, they say the effects of the reaction on the development plan. First of all, according to Mr. Saito, “This is the first live service title for Platinum Games, and in the development and correction, it was necessary to give priority to the player feedback. In that sense, this work is a standal1. I realize again that it is a product and a service. The feedback from the player is to bring important information to us about how to improve “Babylons Fall” and make play more fun. “”

Sugiyama then said, “The reaction at the time of release had a great impact on us. We have been working on as soon as possible, as soon as possible, as soon as possible. He recognizes that these measures are not enough yet. We will continue to develop new content and further revise and improve. “

“Babylons Fall” is the opening of Season 1 on May 31, and a new season begins. In this work, the pros and cons of the release seriously, and improvements in incorporating the players’ voices have been implemented. The update has added many new content. I would like to pay attention to the future of this work, where the stage is moved from the Babylon Tower and a new story begins.

“Babylon’s Fall” is on sale for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5. In the eighth of the official live broadcast this month, more new information about Season 2 will be shown.

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