Start distribution on the horizontal scrolling STG “Drainus” Steam. “TOUHOU LUNA NIGHTS” development that absorbs enemy energy

Our active gaming media game publishing brand Playism and Wisocyric Label WSS Playground have launched “ Drainus ” on May 22. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the regular price is 1480 yen. You can currently purchase at 10 % off by launch sale.

“Drainus” is a horizontal scrolling STG that controls the aircraft with an energy absorption mechanism and aims for stars in a distant home. In the world of this work, slaves were gathered in the planet Halpax in the corner of the universe, under the pressure administration of the Carlal Empire. The protagonist Irina and her father are one of the collected slaves. However, Irina’s father had a disease called “planetary adaptation disorder” that would not be cured unless she returned to her hometown star.

Irina is at a loss, as she is inevitable for her father’s illness. At that time, a humanoid soldier Genny appeared in front of Irina. Genny, a strange figure similar to a frog, reveals the fact that he has come from the future 30 years later and that more than 5,000 planets will disappear due to the Galactic War. It also requires Irina’s power to stop the Galactic War and the Curlal Empire. Irina is confused by the fact that she was suddenly told, but decided to cooperate with Genny based on her father’s condition. She gets into the state -of -the -art fighter, Drage, and runs in the universe for her distant hometown stars while fighting with the Curlal Empire.

The aircraft dragged by Irina from the Imperial Army is equipped with a reflector. When the reflector is launched, the enemy bullet is disabled for a certain period of time and the energy is absorbed. We also fight back against the enemy according to the amount of absorbed enemies. In other words, in this work, the movement will avoid the enemy’s attack by moving and use the reflector invalidation and counterattack according to the situation to develop the battle with the enemy army.

In this work, the energy absorbed by the reflector is accumulated in the tank, and the energy can be used to extend various owners. As far as the screenshot is seen, consuming energy tanks can enhance the number of bits and missiles to fire, attack power and guard strength. As a customization element of the aircraft, it seems that equipment and functions can be replaced. In addition, the game mode has three modes: easy/normal/hardware, and two modes released after clearing.

This work is working on the domestic game development team TEAM LADYBUG. As for the past work, Sakuya Sakuya released the main character’s Touhou PROJECT’s secondary creation 2D action “TOUHOU LUNA NIGHTS” and “Rhodes Senki Wonder Ravinsou”. In the Touhou Luna Nights Steam version, 97 % of the user reviews of more than 10,000 users at the time of writing the article have gained status “overwhelmingly popular”. According to Press Releas, Drainus is a “work that can be enjoyed by light layers who are not good at shooting games.” On the other hand, the hard mode and the after -clear game mode seem to be satisfied with players who are good at shooting games.

The main characters and key art of this work are also in charge of illustrations of “Pokemon Card Games” and “Magic the Gathering”. Peposoft, who was also in charge of the songs of the previous work, Rhodes Senki -Dedlit in Wonder Lavilinsu and Touhou Luna Nights, are also in charge.

“DRAINUS” is distributed for PC (Steam) for 1480 yen including tax. A launch sale is currently being carried out and can be purchased at 10 % off. An original soundtrack that contains a total of 16 songs has also been launched.

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