Wizkids will launch miniatures inspired by cartoon from Dungeons & Dragons

Wizkids will launch a game of five prepintados calabozos and dragones miniatures with characters taken from the next Starter Set Dragones of Stormwreck isle. The next set is remarkable because four of the characters resemble aging versions of the children’s heroes seen in the 1980s. Calabozos and dragons cartoons. The set includes a paladin, a cleric, a wizard, a fighter and a rogue, with the Paladin based on Eric The Cavalier, the magician based on Presto, the Hank -based fighter and the rogue based on Diana. It should be noted that they are missing in the Sheila Group (which uses an invisibility layer) and the child Barbarian Bobby. You can see images of the figures below:

Comicbook.com reported that Dragons of Stormwreck isle seemed to introduce the cartoon protagonists in works of art earlier this year. When the whole was officially revealed last month, Wizards of the Coast clarified that no character of the calabozos and dragons the cartoon would appear in the adventure. However, the works of art that are seen in the book were inspired by the calabozos and dragons cartoons.

He Calabozos y Dragones The cartoon was originally broadcast in the early 1980s and presented a group of children transported to a fantasy land through a magical roller coaster. The characters received magical objects from a wizard known as Dungeon Master and faced the son of Dungeon Master, a winged malevolent villain called Venger. Each of the characters was based on a calabozos and dragons In particular, the _calabozos and dragons the cartoon ended in a suspense, which was finally resolved through a commercial car commercial of real action.

Wizkids Frameworks D&D Miniatures on Sprues

In recent years, Wizards of the Coast has used the calabozos and dragons cartoons as part of its marketing, mainly through the use of memes and images that refer to the program. A recent limited edition Magia: the meeting The Secret Lair card game presented the D&D cartoon characters, and the 2021 The nature beyond the light of the witches the adventure also presented a reference to the cartoon, as well as the appearance of several D&D toy characters that also appeared in the cartoon.

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