17 kinds of games that are not disclosed, the game increases more than 3 times.

On the 23rd, the Korea Game Policy Autonomous Organization announced the game of probability -type item autonomous regulations in accordance with the “self -regulatory power for creating a healthy game culture” conducted by the Korea Game Industry Association on the 23rd.

The announcement is based on the revised Code of Code, which was implemented in December last year. The revised Code of Conduct will disclose the successful probability of successful contents such as reinforced contents and equipment synthesis, such as enhancing equipment and strengthening characters in the disclosure of capsule -type contents such as character drawing and equipment drawing in the existing Code, and strengthening characters, and pet synthesis..

The organization will monitor the probability disclosure to the top 100 games online and mobile from the 1st to the end of each month. In this process, if you discover the non -compliance matters, it is recommended for the game and the business owner for the first time, and if the complaints are not modified for two consecutive months, they are warned, and if it is for three consecutive months, it is notified and canceled for autonomous regulatory certification.

As a result, the self -regulatory regulation evaluation committee within the organization unveiled 17 types of non -Junsu games (2 online and 15 mobile) as of April this year. Compared to the results of March, there were a number of non -qualified games more than three times. Apex Legend, Dota 2, Rise of Kingdoms, Puzzle of Z, Brolsstars, Yoshin: Gumi Ho Non, Age of Z, Rise of Empire, Last Shelter: Survival, Armis, Mafia City, Nyanko War For three consecutive months, the probability public self -regulation has been completed.

Hwang Sung -ki, chairman of the Self -Regulatory Evaluation Committee, said, “The mobile game materials developed in foreign countries and domestic service through foreign operators are not compliance with high rate, and many are not compliant with more than three times. In the case of foreign operators, there are cases where the probability is disclosed after being notified of the fact that the organization is notified from the organization, and there is a case that has been converted from Mi Junsu to compliance. ” In addition, the company will continue to do its best to create a healthy game culture by faithfully guiding the unprecedented and compliance plan to Misun.

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