This Minecraft version of Van Goghs star night is spoken to us

Vincent van Gogh is probably one of the most important artists in history, although unfortunately he was not particularly valued during his lifetime. In the meantime, however, his various paintings are admired by millions of people. One of the best -known paintings by the artist is Starry Night, or star night. This is often regarded by many people as the artist’s “Magnum Opus”, and only a look at the beautiful constellation lets it understand why this is so. The oil painting has been resided in the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City since 1941.

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh in Minecraft

If the way to the United States is a little too much for you, then of course there are other ways to see the picture in all its splendor. For example, you can recreate star night in Minecraft, as an extremely talented player has now proven.

The YouTuber and Minecraft fan Chrisdacow shared his latest Minecraft project on his YouTube channel and also on Reddit, where he was now able to obtain almost 40,000 upvotes and numerous Reddit awards. As Chris explains, he absolutely wanted to create a 3D version of the painting, which he fully succeeded.

Chris has definitely proven his eye for detail with his creation, because every single mountain, each tree, and all other small details, the YouTuber has perfectly integrated into his creation. Supposedly, Chrisdacow took over a month to complete his building, and one of his friends even had to rewrite the code of a Pixel Art Generator to support him in the project.

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