Will Nioh 2 arrive on PC?

Nioh 2 PC - Launch is Here!

Nioh 2 was released on PlayStation 4. The chopping of demons is back in this prequel, with impeccable fights, new mechanics to master and a whole new story. Right now, nioh 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusivity, and if you are wondering if it will happen on PC, there seems to be good news.

Nioh 2 seems to be a timed exclusivity, in the same vein as the first match. According to GameStop, the title will arrive on PC during the month of November of this year, although it is important to emphasize that nothing has been said by the developers of Team Ninja at this stage.

So, for the moment, it would seem that nioh 2 will arrive on PC, and we imagine that it will end on Steam, just like the first game. Nioh 2, of what we have played so far, is a superb game, and The fight is a perfect step in the right direction for the series. However, there are sacrifices to make for the framerate or the resolution, for the standard PlayStation 4, however.

If you want to wait to play the game with all the extremely fast pixels and images to which you are used to, it seems that you are waiting until November. The game contains up to 100 hours of play, and new additions such as Soul Core movements and the animal system as a welcome complement, so it will certainly be worth waiting if you choose to do it.

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