Is it possible to change the complexity of the dungeons in Diablo Immortal?

After you have passed the dungeon at Diablo Immortal, you can return and go again, but some players ask about the question of whether you can change the complexity of the dungeons before entering it again? Since some want to get a greater risk reward.

How to change the level of complexity in Diablo Immortal

You cannot change the complexity of a separate dungeon. Even the achievement of a higher level and return to the dungeon will be the same as they have always been.

But you can change the overall complexity only by reaching the 60th level. When you begin to earn levels of improvement, this option becomes available.

While in Westmark, open Make a map and click/tap the skull icon in the upper right corner. R to change the complexity. In this case, a complexity menu will appear, allowing the user to change the level of complexity of hell to one of four new levels.

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Explanation of difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal

After the basic complexity of the game, which is normal, there are four levels of Hell complexity, and each of them will increase your prey awards, so this is a reward for risk. As soon as you reach the 60th level, you will immediately want to switch to the level of complexity Hell I.

Normal difficulty *
* Level 1-60
hell I
* The level of perfection is 1-60
hell 2
* The level of ideal 30-120
* The level of perfection is 90-210
* The level of ideal 160-300

Each complexity becomes noticeably more complicated, and the point is not only to be at the right level. You need your equipment, equipment and precious stones to be in perfect condition, otherwise you will last long with the transition to a higher level of complexity.

Is it possible to change the complexity of up to 60th level in Diablo Immortal?

You cannot change the level of complexity to 60th level. Until you reach this level, the complexity will be static for the whole Diablo Immortal. There is one established level of complexity, which is normal, that is, progressive in nature. This means that the more you promote history, the more difficult it becomes.

Is it possible to lower the difficulty from the level of Hell complexity in Diablo Immortal?

Yes, an increase in complexity, such as the levels of hell, can be reduced when you consider it necessary. Go through the same steps-interact with the skull from the card and reduce the difficulty. After improving your precious stones and equipment, you can again increase the complexity to the levels of hell using the same steps if you have the best ORDR-protection rating.

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