Date for the gräfe

As a court spokeswoman confirmed to the age, the appointment was determined on September 14th. The 48-year-old had actually needed to end his profession at the end of the 2020/21 season because of reaching the age limit after 289 Bundesliga procedures and 17 years in the upper residence.

At the end of the procedure, payment that can get to a six-figure area can be. The rigid age restriction in the DFB guidelines is lawfully debatable. UEFA additionally relies upon an age limit for referees, but additionally leaves exceptions.


It needs to lastly go after efficiency, stated Gräfe at the ZDF. The Berliner highlighted in the legal action according to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) was concerned with the system and the basic. It will be a tedious path-but hopefully something will certainly alter in the end, he said.

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