The Cycle: Location Frontier Keys, how to get and use

This detailed leadership will explain all about the keys in The Cycle: Frontier. We will explain in detail how the keys work, what are the types of keys and how to use them. Along with this, we will explain the location of all the main keys in the area of bright sand and crescent in The Cycle: Frontier.

How the keys work in The Cycle: Frontier

The keys in The Cycle: Frontier are objects that are used to open rooms, and there can be various types of prey in these rooms. Each key is different, and in each room there is different prey, one is better than the other.

Each key can be used an unlimited number of times, and its validity does not expire, but you will lose the key if you die. If you do not want to lose the key even after death, you can store it in a safe pocket.

Each key weighs 1 kg, and duplicates can be sold 1000 loans each.

various types of keys in The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier has several different types of keys, and they can be determined by the color strip on the key. Since the keys belong to the area on the map, all the keys of this area will have a strip of the same color.


For example, all the keys belonging to bright sand will have a yellow strip, and all the keys belonging to the crescent waterfall will have a purple strip.

Along with the fact that the key depends on the area, each key has a rarity, and the rarity of the key will determine what kind of prey you will find behind the door. This can vary, but in most cases, the less often the key, the better prey.

How to get the keys in The Cycle: Frontier

The keys in The Cycle: Frontier appear randomly throughout the map, but the most common places where you will find the key are as follows:

  • Jackets
  • Safe

How to use the keys in The Cycle: Frontier

As soon as you found the key, just put it either in your inventory or in a safe, although the latter is recommended and approach any door you want to open.

If you have the necessary key in the inventory or safe, the game will offer you to interact and open the door. You can enter the room, as well as close the door to safely search the room.

The Cycle: Frontier Bright Sands Keys locations

Next, we will explain the location of all the keys used for location bright sands in The Cycle: Frontier.

Key of access to the server

This key is in the communications tower in one of three jackets. Two jackets are on the ground floor, and the third jacket is located in the locker room at the upper level. Go up the stairs, turn right and go straight to get to the cabinet.

Key to the mine

The second key will be in the section an abandoned mine of bright sands. This key will give you access to the mine, in which there will be a jacket and chest, and at the same time you will extract the useful ore of fragile titanium.

Key to the High House

This key is located in the Lumberjacks camp in bright sands, and, as the name implies, the key opens the door to the high house located in this area.

Cum key

This next key is located in the area of the Jungle camp, and this is one of the best keys that opens a room in which there is a lot of useful production, as well as a box with weapons.

skeleton key

The skeletal key is located in SWAP CAMP, in the lower left corner of the card. This is a blue rare key, and the room has a fairly decent prey.

Key to the observation room of bright sands

This key is located in the area of the vaccine laboratory, and in the room there is mainly decent prey and medication. This part of the card is mostly deserted, since most do not bother to come here.

Cycle: Key locations Frontier Cresscent Falls

Jump on:

  • Free key to home
  • Key to the office of the rangers
  • Garage key
  • Bar key
  • Boss office key
  • Key of the janitor
  • The key card of the laboratory

Free Key to Home

This key is located in the Fael region at the crescent waterfall and has an unusual rarity. The room will have two ammunition boxes and a box with weapons. To get to the room, just run up the stairs, and the room will be upstairs.

key to the office of rangers

This key will be present in guts of the farm just above Favel. The key will open the room on the top floor on the right side of the building.

Key to the garage

This key will be located in the center of the card in Green Prospekt region. The room will be in a garage with a giant truck on the left. You can access the room, rising and through the adjacent room.

Key to the bar

This key will also be present in Green Prospekt and the room that will be unlocked is located directly through the road from the garage with a large sign Bar upstairs.

Key to the Boss office

The next key will be in the administration of the spaceport zone of the Krest-Fols district. You can go straight to the building, and the room will be in the corridor on the left side. This room also has excellent prey.

Key of the janitor

The wiper key will also be in the administrative administrative admiration, but in the administrative basement of the spaceport . Immediately behind the office of the boss there will be a staircase. Go down all the way, and there will be several rooms that will open the key.

key card of the laboratory

The key card of the laboratory will be in Pinnakl laboratory Card area. To get to the room, just run right up the hill and directly through the front door. Lift the stairs through the bridge, and on the opposite side there will be another building and the room will be at the top level.

Secret access to the roof from the key card of the laboratory

As soon as you find yourself inside the room using the laboratory key card, you can get to the roof of the building by jumping on the ledge of a broken window and making a pile-pink coral, and then on the roof.

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