Already a year, a large -scale update of the second country

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 13th that it will register a pre-registration ahead of the first anniversary of the first anniversary of ‘CROSS Worlds’.

Pre-registration will be held on the official website of ‘Second Country’.


Netmarble plans to present a gift set to 50 people to 50 people through a lottery. The 1st Anniversary Goods Set consists of the ‘second country’ mascot crown funna doll, Pong Pong, a doll, a long pad, and a cell phone strap.

The large-scale update ‘RE: DIVE’, which will be introduced on the 23rd, includes △ Battle Style △ New Year System △ Side Story △ New Server Barum △ Holy System.

Battle style is a system that can be changed to a new weapon by character, and Swordman is ‘Dual Sword’, location is ‘Whip’, and logs are ‘crossbow’. You can enjoy.

The freshman system is a system that gives the return and new users, and will be added as the regular contents ‘side story’ as the ‘ancient mine of the legendary legend’ and ‘Golden Bill and Treasure Island’.

The new server ‘Barum’, which will be opened with the update, will provide growth support for the server users, and the sacred system will be deployed and growth in the relics in the holy pages to foster battle style-related stats.

‘Second Country’ is a work that reinterprets the fantasy RPG ‘Ninokuni’ as a mobile RPG, which is collaborated with the level five and studio Ghibli.The new world view of the original film is based on 3D graphics based on cartoon rendering methods based on the theater animation. It offers fun as if you were watching.

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