Overwatch 2 Will Be Free To Play, Already Has A Release Date, And Reveals A New Character Junker Queen

The world will soon have the heroes it needs. After a successful closed beta period, Activision-Blizzard has made the final announcements about the future of Overwatch 2. The title will be launched definitively next October 4. A premiere will simultaneously take place in Early Access format on consoles and PC. In addition, all players will be able to enjoy it completely free of charge. As has been rumored over the last few days, the developers have decided to switch to the free-to-play model for the relaunch.

A new heroine is coming to Overwatch 2
In addition to all the details regarding the launch of the sequel, the developers of Overwatch have also wanted to reveal the launch of a new heroine that will arrive on the same day, October 4. So far, not too many details about her have been revealed. We only know her name (Junker Queen) and the details shown in the trailer. From her gameplay, we’ve seen that she wields two makeshift weapons and that she’ll be able to switch between melee (or thrown) and a pistol during matches—quite a versatile heroine who will accompany Sojourn at the launch of the game.

Remember that the launch of Overwatch 2 will not come with some of the big news that Activision Blizzard had initially announced for the sequel. The decision to call it Early Access doesn’t just mean that more characters, maps, and game modes are coming in the future. These contents will continue to arrive even when everything is complete. Instead, the developers refer to the lack of promised player versus environment (PvE) modes. Although this was one of the great attractions of the game, the company decided to release the game as soon as possible due to the lack of content that the original game was experiencing due to the lack of updates.

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