Starfield New Gameplay Revealed And Over 1000 Planets To Explore

This Sunday (12), we checked out a new gameplay trailer for Starfield, which showed us a lot of news about the game. The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 conference brought us numerous games but left the most anticipated for last.

We can check out a little more of the game’s combat, which already shows us a variety of weapons and strategies, as well as other equipment that will be useful.

Character customization has also been revealed, and, in addition to appearance, we will also deal with our character’s abilities and attributes. And it doesn’t stop there, and we will have complete customization of ships, crew, and much more.

Exploration on land allows you to gather resources and face enemies, but the investigation in space proved gigantic. We will be able to explore all available planets in different solar systems, and there will be more than a thousand. Not to mention that we will have space battles, so make sure your ship is well equipped.

The release of Starfield was initially scheduled for November 11, 2022, but it has been delayed to 2023. The game is in its final stages, so it won’t have a debut that late (unless something unforeseen happens).

About Starfield Gameplay
The gameplay lasted several minutes and brought several game mechanics, from initial customization to land and special combat.

For starters, we can check the exploration of land and the collection of resources such as ores, which can be used to build equipment, items, weapons, or even be sold (maybe quests?). We also saw the combat, which demonstrates the RPG elements present in the gameplay. We will have a variety of weapons to use, and we will have to use the best strategies to deal with our opponents, which can be from fierce creatures to intelligent and well-equipped beings or even machines.

We can also check character customization, which does not only involve appearance but attributes, which will bring us advantages and disadvantages. Still, on customization, we can equip our ships freely and even change our crew to deal with challenges in space and on land. We will have battles in space, making it clear that it will be a crucial game element.

Regarding space exploration, it is at this moment that we have an idea of ​​when the game is gigantic, as it has been confirmed that there will be more than 1,000 planets in several different solar systems. Each has unique enemies, missions, and resources, requiring thorough ground exploration. That way, we can expect several hours of gameplay to complete it, hoping it won’t be a repetitive process. The conference trailer showed us many different biomes so that we can expect variety in the landscapes.

Starfield’s Launch
Its release was initially scheduled for November 11, 2022, but has been delayed to 2023. It’s still within the 12-month window, like all conference games. Also, we know it will be available on Game Pass through Day One, so you can get your hands on this giant game for free.
Starfield closed the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 and the entire week of conferences with a flourish.

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