Starfield Shows Its First Most Impressive Gameplay

Xbox and Bethesda have closed their conference with the official presentation of the first Starfield gameplay. Several minutes in which it was time to get the chest out of what will be the great game that is the result of one of the most ambitious collaborations in the history of the industry. The developers have wanted to influence the character creation system, the importance of decisions, the operation of exploration, or even combat—a bit of everything for what promises to be the tremendous exclusive on Microsoft consoles. The only catch is that there are a lot of performance improvements ahead that it will have to iron out before it launches in the first half of 2023.

Starfield wants to be the great space adventure that everyone expected.
The first taste of Starfield gameplay began with landing in a sparsely populated location on the moon of the unknown planet Kreet. There will be space pirates and other humans that we will find thanks to a combat system that is very reminiscent of Cyberpunk, allowing us to have several different weapons, from the most futuristic to the classic double-barreled shotguns. Once we touch down, we must analyze the environment and detect the significant natural threats without neglecting other enemies that have nothing to do with the alien world.

There will be a wide variety of environments and planets that will have different characteristics. Some of them will be predesigned by the Bethesda development team. At the same time, it will be a procedural system that will expand the list of available territories to nearly a thousand planets or satellites. The region is immense, and we will be able to explore all kinds of Solar Systems throughout space. Of course, there will be a wide variety of locations, and we have even seen one of the great bases in space.

Despite the great news, some of the great Bethesda classics will also return. The hacking system or the skill tree is a direct legacy of Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. There will also be a construction system that will evolve everything we saw until Fallout 4, being able to create bases on different planets or even customize a ship with which we will move. We will be able to fight battles in space. A big game that will force us to travel through the infinite space to solve whatever (it has not yet been revealed) the story’s intrigue.

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