Fall Guys suffers network problems after becoming free-to

Today, the day that Fall Guys has officially become


In this vicious circle in which its passage to the free game has allowed more users to play at the same time, it seems clear that it has also been this mass of players that has caused errors. We are aware that some players cannot match at this time! He points out the official game account, while they indicate that they are trying to solve these problems.

As expected, especially considering that it has cross-play among all its systems, everything indicates that Matchmaking failures affect all platforms equally.

Fall Guys has already had other opportunities for his servers to come down. During the month in which it could be kept in PlayStation in a gratuita (you know, you have to be signed) during August 2020 for being part of the Plus games, the Battle Royale de Minijuegos broke the record as the PS Plus game more downloaded from the history of the service. It is not the only one that had been scored because, by the end of that year, it had already sold more than 11 million copies only on PC.

Fall Guys It is now available as free-to-play in Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 , Switch and PC through the Epic Games Store .

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