Planetary search escape shooter THE CYCLE: Frontier Season 1 opening. Basic play free incandescent shooter starts officially

On June 22, the developer Yager started Season 1 of The Cycle: Frontier . The correction patch 1.2.0 is also distributed. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games store). Basic play is free. Inside the game supports Japanese display.

THE CYCLE: Frontier is a multi-play search against FPS. As a genre, Estraction Shooter is listed, and players and monsters have a three-way PVPVE match between players and monsters. The player became a planet explorer called Prospector and descended to the planet Fortuna III, where danger and treasure waited. We collect money and valuable resources that make money and aim for an escape point. Some players will defeat other prospects and take supplies. From the descent to the moment of escape, there is a tension that is not careless.


After a closed beta test was conducted multiple times in this work, the pre-season began on June 8. Since then, the number of simultaneous peaks on the Steam daily peak has been thriving, such as around 35,000 people. And on June 22, Season 1 has finally begun. In this season, the progress of the players during the pre-season period will be taken over.

From Season 1, the progress of Fortuna Pass is possible. This is a so-called battle path-style reward system. In addition to completing the request and successful escape, the player obtained experience points by defeating monsters/Prospectors. It is a system where you can get an item that is useful for play and a rare currency Oram, which is ranked up with the accumulation of experience. If you purchase a premium version in Oram, you can also get cosmetics items as rewards. Auram is available for a paid purchase and a certain amount in the game.

Fixed patch 1.2.0 was also distributed according to Season 1. This focuses on bug fixes and balance adjustments. Route items and creatures were adjusted and matchmaking was tuned. This will relieve the sad thoughts, such as there is no monster or item in the requested place. For weapon adjustments, it seems that the spread value of B9 trench gun/shutter gun has risen. In other words, it can be seen if the effect on distant enemies decreases. In addition, the damage per ammunition for AR-55 auto rifles and manticore has been adjusted lower from 13 to 12. Please refer to the patch notebook for details, as it includes many bug fixes.

In addition, the Twitch Drops campaign has been implemented since today 23rd. View the streamer The Cycle: Frontier distribution on a Twitch account linked to each game platform account. Then, you can get up to six in-game items and one decorative item a day. For more details, please check the official announcement page.

Season 1 is being developed from today in THE CYCLE: Frontier. Basic play is now available for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).

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