Raft: how to get copper and make copper ingots

Kraft is the main mechanics in RAFT, and you will need tons of raw materials to create various objects. Some types of raw materials are easy and easy to get, but others can be quite complicated. One of the most difficult is copper. In this leadership, we will explain how to get copper and make copper ingots on the raft.


how to get copper ore in RAFT

Copper is a precious metal in the world of rafts, which is used for the manufacture of copper ingots, which, in turn, are used to make several useful items. Copper is found in the form of ore, scattered around the huge world of Raft.

Copper can be obtained in the same way as ordinary metal ore, and it can be found along the edges of the island under water. When you see the island, throw anchor next to the island and dive into the sea with a hook.

Before diving, be sure to follow the sharks and just in case throw a bait into the water that distracts the shark, and you can safely do your work.

It is recommended to have a flipper that can be made of 6x plastic, 6x seaweed, 5x wine mucus and 4x ropes. Along with Flipper, you can also take an oxygen cylinder with you, which will help you in longer dives. You can create a cylinder with oxygen of 8x plastic, 4x ropes, 1x empty bottle and 5x grape mucus.

When you have all the necessary objects, it’s time to plunge deep into the water. You will find copper attached to the base of the island, which has a reddish color. Use your hook in full charging to add copper ore to your inventory in close combat.

how to make a copper ingot on the raft

Now that you have received copper, you can make copper ingots from it. To make copper ingots from copper ore, you will need a melter. To make a melting, you will need the following items

  • 4x boards
  • 6 dry bricks
  • 4x scrap
  • 6x nails

When you have a melting stove, you can put copper ore in the melting and turn it on, adding the boards to the fire under it. The transformation of copper ore into copper ingots will take 80 seconds.

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