Evening of the year 2: All the winners of the fighting of the event organized by Ibai Llanos

The evening of the year 2 has been the most successful event in Twitch history. The boxing night organized by Ibai Llanos was followed by more than three million viewers simultaneously in their high times. An entertainment success on the Internet starring ten fighters who have surprised us again. If the first edition of this tournament already surprised us for the performance of content creators, again they have shown a deep respect for combat sport.

Unfortunately, nor all the good intention of the combatants allowed an edition as clean as the first. There were great moments and there is nothing to reproach the competitors, who offered fights at the height, but in a sport like this accidents occur . It is time to go into details and review the events of the night. We go there to review how all the clashes passed.


Spursito and Carola exceeded everyone’s expectations

Just a few minutes after the event bathed the historical record of unique signals on Twitch, the first fight of the day began. It was one of the best of the day and there was no need to regret incidents. Both Spursito and Carola exceeded the expectations of the fans offering an extremely matched fight that was finally resolved for the one that departed as less favorite. After playing the three assaults, Spursito took the fight to the points. The decision of the referees was unanimous, but as experts pointed out, this does not indicate that it has not been tight.

Paracetamor and Arigameplays were fans’ favorites

As is justice, the evening of year 2 introduced a female boxing fight. Beyond any prejudice, the truth is that Paracetamor and Arigameplays starred in what became the favorite fight of fans. All rounds were completed and there was great equality. The Mexican streamer took it, which was more proactive and precise during combat. All the compliments were deserved and from here we join the opinion of the respectable: was the most intense and exciting combat of all .

Viruzz takes her first evening after defeating Momo

The truth is that all fights came after great campaigns of ‘Hype’, but the Viruzz against Momo was a special confrontation. The Spanish and Argentine streamer had warmed the atmosphere during the previous weeks and in the weighing. Finally, The fight was resolved for Viruzz . The greatest experience of him after having competed last year was demonstrated in the quadrilateral. He connected more accurate blows and was winning, although the fight could not be finished. A nasal hemorrhage of Momo prevented him from completing the third assaulted. The truth is that he was practically sentenced and, in any case, he had to prevail.

Luzu starred in the sad moment of the night in front of Lolito

Unfortunately there is nothing positive to say about this fight. It is true that the first seconds showed that there was material for a great fight, but Luzu broke . A relapse of an injury that he had suffered two weeks ago prevented him from moving properly during the first assault and once he rang the bell and sat he couldn’t get up. Together with his medical team, they made the painful decision to leave and Lolito was chosen winner.

Not even Bustamante can stop Mr. Jagger

For the end there was the one that had to be the star fight of the night. David Bustamente arrived at the event almost bouncing to face the one we already considered a fearsome boxer. Mr Jagger came as a favorite to be younger and won in the first edition, but the singer’s experience gave the matter a lot of interest. Finally, it could not be. The content creator was overwhelming during the first two assaults and the fight came there. Superior in both Cardio and Technique, physical power imposed on experience.

We will have to be attentive to the social networks of Ibai Llanos along the next dates. The event was an absolute capable madness to accumulate more than three million viewers and the repetition in the next edition is guaranteed.

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