The evening of the year 3: The fighting and fighters we would like to see in the next boxing event

Last night, Ibai made history again with the evening of the year 2 after 5 boxing fights full of emotion and hype. the streamer Basque brought together more than 3 million person on a magical night , full of surprises, guests and outstanding music (even if the sound was a bit poor). However, many are already thinking about the evening next year and thinking about whether we will finally see international fighting to unite the creation of international content and writing another page in the history of the creation of content in content in General, already not only Spanish speakers.

Lolito vs Luzu, the definitive rematch

If there is a fight that surely must be done again , it is that of Lolito against Luzu. It was going to be one of the great fighting of the night before the Main event, but a Luzu injury in one of his legs caused the fight to end in the way nobody expected. However, Ibai gave them the opportunity to let them fight again for the evening next year, increasing the hype for next year and waiting expectantly what will happen.

In addition, if they already know the secrets of their rival and have already been able to train enough to be able to give even more than this year. Hopefully the struggles for the mayor of Karmaland will be solved once and for all and finally know who is the mayor who deserves such a town.

Rubius vs xqc, the international fight that everyone expects

Another of the fighting that could happen next year and that would generate a stir in social networks is that of Rubius, living legend of the creation of Spanish-speaking content on the Internet, and XQC, the most watched American_streamer_streamer_ Does not stop up as the foam every time it opens directly. If we believe that this can happen is because of both of them wanting a fight, in addition to having had that same friction two years ago when Rubius told him the same after Ibai’s first evening.

But this time it has been much more forceful, since has said it in front of more than 3 million people live . That is why we can dream of a confrontation that would break the Internet again next to another that we will discuss later.

Biyin vs Pokimane, fight for the crown

If we talk about female fighting , the two girls who come to mind are automatically are Pokimane, the most mythical female_streamer_ Current scene. Both could give a lot of play and a lot of narrative, becoming a historical combat for the creation of content and a fight for something in common: Be the undisputed queen of Twitch (with permission from clear arigameplays).

We chose these two basically because they have a stature and similar weight , since choosing Cristinini for example would be too unbalanced by the enormous height difference (1.58 meters from Pokimane compared to 1.70 of Crsitinini) and difference in weight. Other options that we would like to see in this female fight would be, for example , Pandarina against Alinity or even Cristinini against Jen Herranz, that reigned the evening in the best way.

Grefg vs ninja, the fight against records

If there is a fight that we want to see with tremendous desire it would be Grefg’s against Ninja, the two streamers that surprised the world and beat records at a time that seemed impossible to achieve. And, if we see their career in the era of content creation, have had a rather similar trip and has exceeded all kinds of expectations . Both started with Fortnite, climbing like the foam and collecting thousands and thousands of spectators in their direct.

In turn, the two left the Twitch platform and then returned stronger than ever, with Ninja as the channel with more followers in the world and Grefg beating a record of spectators that until yesterday was his . In addition, the two have a similar weight and stature and want above all to create HYPE to everyone who sees it. If this fight occurs next year, it is probably the largest peak that has been seen in the history of the purple platform and that probably can never be overcome.

Sandor Martin vs Logan Paul, the most anticipated main event

Yesterday, Sandor promised to fight if the Lolito against Luzu was finally held, so there is a professional boxer who likes the show more than anyone is Logan Paul. Because yes, Logan Paul has a professional boxer license, so he is allowed to fight another boxer of the same level.

Many will think that the weight and height difference is abysmal , but if we look at the past, Mayweather had at the time that Paul fought against Paul a height and weight similar to that of Sandor , so that
It is not unreasonable to think that the Spanish fighter could give a true boxing review to the creator of American content.

Ibai, do it.

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