The map search simulation Carta Marina will be released, and it will be released at Steam. The 16th -century Scandinavian world believed that there was something in the sea

Frooshi Kirabo, an indie game studio in Japan, announced on June 30 that it produced Carta Marina . Steam’s store page has already been released, and a crowdfunding campaign will be held from September 1st.

Carta Marina is a simulation game that explores the world of Carta Marina in the 16th century. Carta Marina, the motif of this work, is a map that Swedish pastor Ouras Magnus was created in 1539. It is one of the oldest maps depicting the Scandinavian Peninsula, and detailed terrain is written. At the same time, Carta Marina depicts strange large creatures on the sea. It seems strange to compare with the common sense of 2022, but when Carta Marina was produced, it was still a time when the theory was still believed. For the 16th century, the legends and rumors that huge monsters were lurking on the sea would have been true.

In this work Carta Marina, he adventures the world of Carta Marina. The protagonist was staring at Carta Marina in a university lab. However, while looking at the map, fog came around, and when he noticed, a mysterious sight spread in front of him. He has entered the world of Carta Marina. The player rides a ship or horse on the map and explores. There are various obstacles on the map, but we confront the obstacle based on the 16th-century Scandinavian culture. By overcoming difficulties, the search area will expand. The 16th-century Scandinavian world view, which was believed to have something, is drawn through search. The element is equipped with a picture book system that allows you to see the details of the object. In this work, it starts with one of the nine Carta Marina in the hero’s hand, and the number of maps will increase as the search is proceeded.

This work is being developed by Kotaro Tadaira, the domestic indie game studio Flosikirabo. As a past work, in November 2021, the action novel game 1F Y0U’RE A GH0ST CA11 ME HERE! Steam’s user review has gained a status very popular with 94 % of 57 popularity. In addition, the information disclosure of Floskirabo has announced the psycho-horror ADV Mirror Amusement Park along with the production announcement of Carta Marina.

According to Steam’s store page, Carta Marina will be released in 2023. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to start on September 1st.


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