Fans demand that Dr. Simi arrive at Fall Guys

When Fall Guys originally reached PS4 and PC in 2020, the use of botargas as skins caused endless fan arts on requests for the game. Now, thanks to the fact that this title has become a free-to-play, more and more conversations of this type have begun to circulate online. In this way, it was recently announced that Latin America players have begun a request for a Dr. Simi suit to reach this Battle Royale.

Recently, it was announced that Universo Xbox began a petition for Mediatonic to give life to a collaboration with similar pharmacies, a famous medication chain in Latin America, to create a skin of the famous Dr. Simi Botarga _Fall Guys.

To the Latin American community of Fall Guys we would love to be able to enjoy the game wearing our beans with Dr. Simi’s skin, the character that represents similar pharmacies in various countries in Latin America.

Therefore, we are collecting signatures to ask mediatonic to add the Dr. Simi a Fall Guys’s suit design and we can acquire it with kudos or beans.

The idea is not new, since since 2020, the user known as Pavvel Villalvazo created the perfect design for Dr. Simi’s skin.

Currently, the petition is looking for 10 thousand signatures, and already has the support of 8,434 people. However, even if the objective is completed, this does not mean that Dr. Simi’s skin will come true. Fortunately, Epic Games, who have become the owners of Mediaatonic, does take into account the Latin American community , you just have to remember the Colorado Chapulín suit for Fortnite.

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Editor’s note:

I have always said it, fall Guys is the adaptation of the Botargas race of another roll, and the arrival of Dr. Simi to the game would reinforce this idea. This is just the beginning, the real dream is to see all the boots of odisea bubbles in fall guys.

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