Stove Indie, up to 80% discount Stove Hot Week

The indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’ operated by Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young-woon) announced on Friday that it will showcase ‘Stove Hot Week’ promotion that can purchase indie games more cheaper and receive various benefits every month..

‘Stove Indie’ has planned this promotion so that users can be more comfortable and easier for indie games through the Stove Hot Week, which has a variety of benefits every month. ‘Stove Indie’ plans to offer popular indie games at a lower week from 1st to 7th every month and run an event that is created by users’ participation.

Stove Indie’s ‘Stove Hot Week’ offers a variety of games in three corners: Hot Sale, Hot Deal, and Hot Battle. ‘Hot Sale’ is an indie game discount promotion, and this month, you can buy ALTF4, Nobena Diabolos, Trouble Shooter, and Legend of Kipper at a discount of up to 80%.

‘Hot Deal’ is a daily time sale event. The limited quantity coupon is released every day, and the popular indie game is sold at a discount of up to 80% per day. The first stove hot deal was the most popular stove indie works such as Love Delivery, Brande’s life and hardships, atom RPGs, and Dust to the End. ‘Hot Battle’ is a corner where two games are sold, and buyers from the game, who are sold more or sold out in the period, can receive additional 1,000 won cashback reward. In July, the Hot Battle is a horror game, Ikai and Nicktopovia.

In addition to ‘Stove Hot Week’, ‘Stove Indie’ will also hold the ‘Sea-Da-Gu’ event. It is an event that posts opinions such as ‘Make me cheaply’, ‘Do it again’ and ‘Save Me’, an event that wants to proceed again, and a game that wants to be entered. ‘Stove Indie’ will actively collect the opinions of the users gathered at the event and actively reflect it in the Iwol ‘Stove Hot Week’.

Smilegate Stove Woman Seung-hwan said, We have prepared strong benefits and discounts to repay stove customers’ hot support. From the 1st to the 7th of every month, we will give you a fun and rich game purchase experience through differentiated benefits from the products that catch the attention of indie gamers. I hope you have a place. Said.

During the Stove Hot Week, there will also be a hot quiz event where you can receive chicken coupons in addition to various promotions. For more information about Stove Hot Week, please visit the official website.

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