[Experience] What about Lineage W X Berserk Collaboration, which has been waiting for a long time?

Lineage W, which NCsoft is in service, added the Berserk collaboration event with the first week of July. It was a collaboration that was announced since the early Lineage W, so many users were looking forward to. As an event, I was able to meet the characters of the original works implemented in 3D, including Gatsu, Sirke, Isidor, and Serpico. However, it is expected that other characters will be seen in the future by saying ‘1 week’ in the public information.

The original Berserk is a work of Japanese cartoonist Miura Kentaro, and has been a long-lived cartoon since 1989. It was steadily gaining popularity with its distinctive and beautiful paintings, dark dark fantasy backgrounds, cruel directing, and the charm of solid and dark story.

In May last year, after the death of the artist Miura Kentaro, Berserk’s serialization became opaque, but it is being repaired in collaboration with his assists. How did you melt the cartoons loved by so many people in Lineage W? NCsoft has been working on Berserk’s collaboration quests for a long time.

■ Event Story
When you connect to a character with level 30 or more, the event story will be automatically proceeded while receiving the letter from the Axid. If you go to Exsid, there is a crack at the dimension, and asks you to kill the monster. Only general monsters appeared, so there was no difficulty in proceeding. By killing some monsters, I was able to acquire sculptures that fell on the ground, and from this point on, I could see the true face of this event.

When I first went to the dungeon that I saw along the Exsid, it suddenly changed, and as if I saw a comic book, the characters, enemies, NPCs, and the outside of the map were thickened. Along with him, he could meet Berserk’s colleague Sirke and Ibarella. The conversation with the character often appears in the quest, and I could notice that each character was concerned about the testimony so much that he felt like he had moved his personality in the original.

As he flows into the dimensional cracks, he finds his colleagues scattered, and he finds Isidor and Ser Pico. As you talk to them, you can experience the situation at the time, which is an opportunity to taste the character skin. Personally, I feel like Isidor is a bit sturdy, but I felt that it was very good. The attack motion was also cool, and I could not know what kind of character I was from far away.

Lastly, I go to find Katsu, the main character, and if you see Berserk, you will see Jods. However, it appears in the form of an apostle, not a humanoid, but I felt strongly with the cut scene. Personally, I thought it would not have been much better if there was a directing to fight together in human form and transforming into an apostle on Phase 2.

Holding the Jod and proceeding with the story, Pem2, one of the best in the worldview, appears. It has tremendous combat power in Berserk, but it showed a combat power that can be played. In the original work, the enemy is killed by splitting or compressing the space, and Lineage W can see similar skills.

As the battle with Pemuto, the cut scene is played, and Katsu appears. Afterwards, the event story ends with the gorgeous cooperative, and the event story is finally gathered.

The monsters and bosses in the event story were not stronger than expected, so I felt sorry for the dignity when I first appeared, but I realized that it was useless. The true appearance of Zod and Pemuto was found in the tensile quest.


■ After the event story, look back at the tensile quest.
If the event story is a bit short, don’t forget that there is a tension quest. If the character’s level is 60 or more, three tensile quests will be open. This tensile quest can only be carried out in a dedicated dungeon and can accept and move the mission through the bulletin board.

The reward of the event tensile quest is good, but the experience is quite very tight, so it’s a good idea to turn around every day. Zod and Pemuto, who meet with tensile quests, are very powerful, unlike the story. In anticipation of the story of the story, he challenged Pemuto with a light heart, but he died.

One tip is to produce black balls on the head, as if compressing the dimension, among the attacking techniques of Pemuto. This technology can be blocked by the counter magic, so if you want to be a little breathtaking, please carry the counter magic. The rest of the technology did not work in the counter magic, but it seems that it has no choice but orange potion.

■ Event Dungeon Niche & Item Collection
If you enter the Berserk collaboration dungeon ‘Niche at the dimension’, you can enjoy it with a unique graphic as in the event story. If you kill a monster, you will get a loot called the seal of the niche with a certain chance of collecting this item and can exchange it with other items at the store in the store.

The most prominent of the exchange products is Katsu Skin. Next is Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer is not used as a weapon, but can be registered in the item collection to obtain additional stats. First of all, it is recommended to achieve a ‘black test to hunt the apostle’ with an experience bonus +1% effect. After that, let’s upload it to your taste.

There are several items that are not yet available in the collection, and as mentioned above, it is believed to be added every week. Rather than neglecting that there is nothing to register right now, it is recommended to diligently and collect the peak of the niche diligently every day.

One thing to add is that if you have fun with Berserk, check out the names and items of the collection. For example, the list of ‘Recovery Potions of Kats’ is the bass of the fairy, and the list of ‘Boys for Katsu’ is the dagger of Salamander, Isidor’s weapon. Anyone who remembers the story of the original will have fun with licorice.

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