Fall Guys controls and tips to grab, push and jump with impulse

Fall Guys hguys controls opened its doors to every1. The famous party game, so fguys controlshionable in confinement times, hguys controls reached a lot of new platforms and also hguys controls become _free to play, so anyone can play completely free for a few weeks. Now, anyone can play, but not anyone can win . To get the victory in this mixture of yellow and Grand Prix humor, the first thing is to know the controls and dominate the special techniques. Next we will review everything so that you have some chance.

Fall guys controls on PS4 and PS5

We start with the controls on the first platforms on which it came out, those of Sony.

Move: * Left analog stick
Move the camera: Right Analog Stick
Jump: x
* Impulse forward after jumping: Square (in the air)

Gan: * R2
Show the names of the players: L2
Emotes: D-Pad

Fall guys controls in Nintendo Switch

If you have stolen a switch these days, this control guide is for you.

Move: * Left analog stick
Move the camera: Right Analog Stick
Jump: B
Impulse forward after jumping: * and (in the air)
Garnish: ZR
Show the names of the players: ZL
Emotes: * D-Pad

Fall guys controls at Xbox Series X | S

And here the Fall Guys controls in Xbox:

Move: * Left analog stick
Move the camera: Right Analog Stick
Jump: A
Impulse forward after jumping: * Equis (in the air)
Garnish: RT
Show the names of the players: LT
Emotes: D-Pad

Fall guys controls on PC

We close with those of PC, although here you can always use command:

Move: * wguys controlsd
Move the camera: With the mouse
Jump: Space bar
Impulse forward after jumping: Control key (in the air)
Grab: Shift key
Show the name of the players: * Tab key
Emotes: * Keys 1, 2, 3, 4

How to boost in Fall Guys?

It is one of the key movements of the game. Essential to jump more distance and avoid falling into a vacuum at the lguys controlst moment. However, it is eguys controlsier than it seems. To drive us, just jump and, once in the air, tighten the impulse button. Of course, be careful because later the character will need a few seconds crucial to get up from the ground. If the platform is tilting towards the void we may slip before incorporating us.

How to grab Fall Guys?

guys controls simple guys controls Keep tight the corresponding button, often the triggers. You will notice that the character raises his arms Every time we do it guys controls if he were trying to take something. Grabbing serves, for example, to take the eggs, balls and other objects used in the tests. It also serves to get hooked outward (if you then incline the stick forward, our doll will climb that outgoing). Or to pull others, to bother them and kill them to, for example, slow them down in the middle of a jump.

How to steal in lines in Fall Guys?

In some miniguegos we will have to steal a fox queue to our rivals. To achieve this is guys controls simple guys controls grabbing them, although the distance from which we can do them varies depending on the LAG and the latency of the server. By the way, one advice: You will run slower if you keep your arms up trying to grab people, so lift them only when you believe that others are within your reach.

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