How to use emotes in Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a multiplayer battle royale platform game with a lobby of up to 60 players. You compete for a chance to win the crown in fast-paced matches and are almost always on the move. The multiplayer game has emotes that allow you to express yourself, celebrate or taunt your opponents. This might make you wonder how to use emotes and how to get more emotes in Fall Guys.

Emotes in Fall Guys can be done with a simple button press. The input for this is different depending on which platform you are playing on. Here’s how to use emotes in Fall Guys across all platforms.

  • Games : D-pad
  • Xbox : D-pad
  • PC : 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Nintendo Switch : Cross

How to get more emotes in Fall Guys

There are several ways to get more emotes and expand your arsenal of taunts. The easiest way is to buy them, but that’s the Show Bucks or Kudos cost. Plus, you can earn them by simply playing the game. Here’s how to get more emotes in Fall Guys.

  • Purchase them at the store.
  • Get them with the Season Pass.
  • Earn them through Crown Ranks.


How to equip emotes in Fall Guys

To equip emotes in Fall Guys, go to the setting tab. Emotes are listed under theatrics next to holidays. Here you can equip up to four emotes as well as celebrations. Emotes are disabled in the game and the celebration happens when you win the game.

Emotes are a fun way to show off your personality during the crazy rounds in Fall Guys. If you find yourself having downtime in the middle of a match, throw emotes and see if other beans join you.

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