Fall Guys: The game begins to be filled with Pros with absurd records and unimaginable plays

Since Fall Guys became free on all platforms, the title of Mediatonic has enjoyed a true second impulse and, in fact, he is doing better than ever. With a record of 50 million players in just two weeks after it became free-to-play, the game now has real fighters who have fun breaking speed records in certain maps lately they have fun sharing their different performances in the networks in the networks social for our greatest pleasure (and fear).

The players explode all the counters in Fall Guys

While some maps are hated by players, which is normal in a game, others have become a true land for the most acrobats, and more particularly one of Jungla’s theme maps: Lily Leapers . For those who do not know or do not see what map it is, it is the one that only contains bumpers/pink drums and that will always be full of stumbled places.

In fact, it is in this that some players and streamers have fun establishing some records and, lately, is the streamer that responds to the name of Courage on Twitter who wanted to share his performance with us. With a time close to 40 seconds, and more precisely a time of 39.2 seconds, The latter could cross the entire map at once, without a failure or fall in the 40 seconds of career.

His performance is quite surprising, but if we deepen the response of tweets, we find another record that is even more surreal.

The Twitter user, with the name of Kerem, also shared an acting (we do not know if he is himself or not, but we assume that yes), with a hovering record of 24.77 seconds. However, unlike courage, the latter seems to have perfected his technique to satiety. As soon as he lands in a bumper, the latter is placed in a chopped position and goes much faster than the others.

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