APEX LEGENDS New event Gaiden will be held from July 20. Anime -style skin and bangalol prestige skin that we saw somewhere are new

Respown Entertainment announced on July 15 to hold a Gaiden event for Apex Legends . It seems that various skins reminiscent of bangalol prestige skin and Japanese anime and manga will appear. The period is from July 19 to August 2. According to the customs, it is expected to be from July 20 to August 3 Japan time. The date described in this article is also compliant with Japan time.

In the Gaiden event, dangerous armament is reprinted as a limited-time mode. Weapons available on the map are special battle royal mode that only for sniper rifles and shotguns. The Map Rote is said to feature World Edge, Olympus, and Storm Points.

At this event, a weekly reward truck will be prepared. If it is the same, it will be possible by achieving a dedicated daily mission. From the 20th to the 27th, rewards such as fuse and 30-30 repeaters epixkin and gun charm are available. From July 27 to August 3, you can get a holo spray and one Gaiden event pack.

There are 40 kinds of items with Gaiden Event specifications. It is said that one unchanted event specification item can be obtained from the Gaiden Event Pack sold for the event for a limited time. Event specifications include new Legendary Skin such as Levnant, Mirage, Octan, and Watson. It is characterized by the design that is likely to be influenced by Japanese anime and manga.

According to the official website, the items included in the Gaiden Event Pack will appear from the normal APEX pack after the event end. In addition, the gaid-legendary item can be created with craft metal, and after two seasons after the first implementation, the cost of creating craft metal may decrease.

And if you get all 40 kinds of event specifications, you can get the new bangalol prestige skin, APEX Commander. Prestige Skin is a special legend skin that appeared from the 3rd anniversary collection event in February this year. The skin has three tiers (steps), and the next tier can be unlocked by achieving the challenge. Tear 1/2/3 has a different design skin, and after unlocking, each skin can be freely equipped. In addition, there is also a Prestige skin dedicated finisher.

The APEX LEGENDS and Gaiden event will be held from July 20 to August 3, Japan time.

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