Beware with Fall Guys: A mistake in your shop creates the acquisition of cosmetics involuntarily

VGC has actually gotten in touch with Mediatonic as well as a spokesperson addressed the following: What is occurring in the video game is not intended and also we are actively repairing it . The action of the customer care is not acceptable and also we will certainly supply a compensation to all those impacted. Fall Guys, in compensation he is providing all individuals to Grandis .

Faced with this event Mediatonic has actually said sorry with followers and soon there should be an upgrade that fixes this mistake. However, Fall Guys is having a too much success because he launched as Free to play reaching 50 million players. To also highlight the success that is having a replica of Fall Guys , Stumble Guys, who is sweeping millions of simultaneous gamers.

A Error in the Fall Guys store would certainly be causing diverse cosmetics purchases involuntarily , as reported by different Reddit users. This mistake is taking place when the customer prevails the things and also automatically proceeds to acquire ** of said cosmetic without the approval of the player.


Mediaatonic has actually currently noticed this significant mistake as well as has introduced via its Twitter account that are enhancing the layout of the store so that it is not repeated again. Furthermore, they will abide by all repayment requests from June 21 until the store upgrade is satisfied.

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