This escape from Tarkov cover brings the bang in this 70s

Using a range of sound effects from the video game from the reloading of tools, getting in doors, robbery of sound results, shots, pmc yells and also Tushonka snapshuffs, the beat to Boney MS 70s banger was meticulously developed in this hardcore lover shooter. It is so excellent that programmers Battlestate Gamings gave him the seal of authorization on Twitter.

The linked music video clip, which you must definitely see below, also shows one of the most scary employers of Escape from Tarkov, Tagilla, that with his default hammer does the living daylight out of his body, whatever for great music. To be truthful, it is an outright cry as well as it is packed with Escape from Tarkov memes, that makes it a needs to for any person that is awaiting his line up to load the goddamed target.

Axel_TV, which normally publishes EFT gameplay material, states that he was influenced by a Mysterious cover of the song, in which many League of Legends characters jump to the cult classic.


It is likewise quite current because Lighthouse has simply obtained its latest development in the most recent escape from Tarkov Wipe, which places 3 huge, creepy bosses in the foreground that patrol a lot of the escape from Tarkov cards.

Have you ever heard Rasputin from Boney M. and also assumed: Would certainly that surrender a banging escape from Tarkov melody? Well, material manufacturer ‘axel_tv’ and also, currently, it is not wrong.

Remarkably, this is not the very first escape from Tarkov music video on YouTube. Drum-and-bass-DJ ‘John B’ has actually been writing tracks for a very long time and also they are so popular that he even provides his latest tune, I Obtained ta High temperature (for the lighthouse keeper) on the Twitchcon in Amsterdam.

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