Customized Robo Fighting ACT Fight of Steel: Infinity Warriol Simple and strategic systems are infinite possibilities in combination of their own skills! [Explosion Repo]

Digital Crafter released the new fighting action Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior on July 15, 2022 for PC (Steam).

This work is a new fighting game by developers that worked on Fight of Gods and Fight of Animals. Set in the future world where humans are gone, it is a work where robots that can be customized not only in appearance but also for skills and fighting styles are fighting.

In this article, we deliver a play report of Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior. I play in the pre-release preview version provided by the manufacturer.

Easy operation & deep fighting system!

This work supports the keyboard and controller operation. The basic movement is an orthodox fighting game style, jumping up with a key upward and guarding backwards.

The attack is a system similar to Fight of Animals, which is a combination of various buttons such as weak attacks, middle attacks, and skills, and throwing buttons are added in this work. Each character has three kinds of special techniques, and can use an EX technique that can be activated at any time and EX techniques that are powerful by consuming gauge.


There are also buttons such as powerful super-special techniques that consume gauge and overdrive that blow off enemies. Not only is it easy for anyone to play the command input, but there are also techniques such as throwing, passive, and dash cancellation, so you can enjoy deep battles.

What is important in this work is the existence of overdrive. If you activate while being attacked by the enemy, you can blow off the opponent, and if you are attacking, you can cancel. In addition, EX techniques can be used without gauge while overdrive is activated. Although it is necessary to accumulate the gauge in the activation, it is a very excellent system with the battle and defense.

Simple but strategic systems feel the ability of developers that have been sending out various fighting/brawl games. When you actually play it, the skill is wide in the range of picking up enemies, and it is an impression that the combo is easily connected. With the overlap with techniques and techniques such as cancellation and overdrive, the balance between thinking and giving skills seemed good.

In addition, this work has a distinctive element of can make your own battle character .

Create your own character!

In the customization mode in the game, you can freely combine two types of parts, appearance and technique set. Parts can be unlocked by using the money earned in the game and purchasing at a store.

The customization of the appearance is a form that freely combines the head, body, right arm, left arm, right foot, and left foot. There are abundant parts, such as square, armor, and humans. There are some special parts that can be purchased by owning in-game achievements and challenges, and owning the developer Fight of Animals.

In the customization of the technique, you can set three types of special techniques and super special techniques used by characters. There are three categories: punch, kick, and qigong, and each has different characteristics. In addition, you can set the character’s attitude, walking, and victory poses in detail.

There are four types of fighting style, which is a set of basic movements, with different normal techniques and characteristics, such as stable polar current martial arts and slightly tricky survival moves. The combination of fighting style, technique set, and appearance is endless. Customized data can be read separately from appearance and technique set, so you can change only either.

The money required for purchasing parts can be obtained by clearing various mode, daily login, and achieving missions. When it comes to high-end parts, you can’t easily get full sets, so make sure you use the preview function at the store to look like parts, skills, and stays.

Equipped with abundant modes such as stories and challenges!

The main game mode of this work is Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Online Mode, and Challenge Mode. Of course, training mode is also available.

In the story mode, as a robot that has lost memory, there is a battle to challenge the mystery of the world. This is a multi-ending method in which the story branches depending on the victory conditions in the game, and event CG is also available in the story part. Depending on the ending, new parts are also unlocked.

After clearing the story, the challenge mode of this work (?) Content will be released. This mode is set in various areas, collecting and strengthening parts while defeating enemy robots. The parts have attributes such as flames and poison, and it is necessary to combine parts while considering weaknesses for each area.

In addition, the same parts also have different bonuses such as HP up and attribute value up. Naturally, as the stage goes on, the enemy becomes stronger, so it is necessary to fight many times, collect parts, and customize while thinking about attributes and bonuses. Challenge mode is a volume content reminiscent of the traditional fighting game bonus mode .

In addition, basic modes, such as arcade mode where you can enjoy random-configured CPUs, and Versus mode, such as interpersonal and CPUs, can be used under your favorite conditions. Although it could not be played before the release this time, online mode is equipped with a roll-back net code and supports rank matches. You can fight the fierce people around the world with your own fighters.

Even in arcade mode and challenge mode, you will be able to purchase new parts if you meet the conditions. By playing with it every day, the content of this work spreads significantly.

Fight of Steel: INFINITY WARRIOR has been introduced so far. Simple operations and many powerful techniques are established as a fighting game that creates high strategy. The worldview of the future without humanity is excellent in compatibility with the meaning of the system that customizes parts, and the mystery of the world revealed in story mode.

The combination of the fighting style is wide, and the melee attack is a normal attack only for normal attacks, how to fight away with flying tools and installation techniques, how to fight with a quick attack and compete with powerful throwing techniques, and increase the number of combo anyway. You can freely fight in many ways. The appearance parts are also available to some strange things, and the collection elements are substantial.

There are various ways of enjoying, such as enjoying plenty of challenge mode with a good-looking element, fighting rivals around the world, finding your own ideal customization.

Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior is being distributed to PC (Steam). There is also a campaign that can be purchased at 10%off to commemorate the release.

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