Fall Guys developers apologize to the players for the automatic purchase bug and promise to fix it

In recent days, some players complain about the problem in the Royal Battle of Fall Guys: if the subject was examined, an automatic purchase could occur without confirmation on their part.

In Sabredite Games, the user Derpydog24 shared a video with a demonstration of this bug. Then another player presented an official response from support, where it is noted that this is not a mistake, because objects cannot be bought automatically by the system, they always require the participation of the player. It also specifies that the purchase reference is impossible under the terms of the user agreement.

Now, on the official page of the game on Twitter, a message has appeared in which the developers apologize to the players and promise to fix this mistake of the store in the near future. In addition, as an apology, they offer everyone a Grandis costume and promise to fulfill all requests for a refund for the cosmetic objects that were submitted from June 21.

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