How to unlock the gold gladiator costume in Fall Guys

Fall Guys celebrates these days the so-called idol games (The Idol Games), an event that allows you to unlock one of the best skins of the game : the gold gladiator costume. The event comes with its own playlist with modes of Specific game and a set of challenges that we must complete if we want to make ourselves with the suit in question.

We must look for a game on the lists of Hexanillo, squads, duos and individual and win at leFall Guyst one game in all of them to get the long-awaited gold gladiator suit. It is not an eFall Guysy tFall Guysk, but precisely that is the grace of Idol games. It is one of the toughest challenges that have ever existed in Fall Guys . Double what you can think and a little more. Or better, it multiplies what you thought for four, they joke from the networks of the game.

The test ends on July 18 , so give you shine if you want to get the skin.

Challenges of idol games in Fall Guys

We have to complete at leFall Guyst once the following actions or challenges to end up unlocking the gold gladiator costume in Fall Guys:

  1. Play any Hexanillo Round (Ring Hexathlon)
  2. Win in Hexanillo (Ring Hexathlon)
  3. Reach Round 3 of squadrons mode
  4. It reaches the final round in the squad mode
  5. Win in squadrons mode
  6. Reaching Round 3 in the duo mode

7. Win a duo game
8. Reach round 4 alone
9. Reach the final round in solo
10. Win an individual game

Rewards of idol games and gold gladiator costume

Every time we complete a challenge they will give us 100 stars and Fall Guys we accumulate, the following awards or rewards will be unlocked:

  • Athlete nickname of idol games-200 stars
  • 200 kudos-300 stars
  • User plate on idol games-500 stars
  • Gold gladiator suit (only the bottom)-800 stars
  • Gold gladiator suit (the helmet and the top)-1000 stars

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