90s Dungeon Crawl RPG Dungeons of the Amber Griffin Steam Page Release -Explore the mysterious archeological site that monsters wander

FROZENGEM STUDIO has released the Steam page of the dungeon crawl RPG Dungeons of the Amber Griffin and has also released an announcement trailer.

This work is a dungeon crawl RPG set in the dark fantasy world. It features a classical 90’s mechanic, and will be a group that explores the world in search of wealth and fame, and will solve the mystery of the mysterious archeological sites. Players create and train four teams from warriors, rogues, priests, and mage with various skills. Get weapons, armor, artifacts, magic scrolls, gold, food, etc. in Game World, gain experience, unlock magic, and defeat monsters and monsters wandering. There are NPCs in the game, so you can talk, request quests, and exchange work.

This work is the main plot of the Cashbia legend in the real northern part of Poland, which is also worth noting.

The dungeon crawl RPG DUNGEONS OF THE AMBER GRIFFIN, which reproduces the classical atmosphere of the 90s, will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam). The Kickstarer page will be released soon.

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