Does Fall Guys have skills in Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a widely popular platformer in the genre of royal battle, in which 60 players participate. The goal is to pass a series of rounds and ultimately get a crown. As for the multi-user game, you may be wondering if there are skills in Fall Guys in Fall Guys.

Is there any skills in Fall Guys?


The answer yes- Fall Guys uses matchmaking based on the skills to place players with the same skills in the same lobby. What algorithm is used and how it divides players in skills is still unknown. This type of player selection system usually means that most players in the lobby have relatively similar abilities and have good chances of winning.

This was added to April 2022 when Fall Guys switched from Unity Matchmaker to Fortnite Matchmaker. This is consistent with the acquisition of Epic Games Fall Guys from Mediatonic and a change in the player selection system.

Even paired with players with similar skills to get to the end and it may not be easy to pick up the crown. However, the selection of players based on skills does not necessarily guarantee that all players will have the same level of skills. So do not be discouraged if you notice a particularly good player in your lobby.

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