How to create a private game in Fall Guys

Fall Guys allows you to connect with the players you want through private departure options. In a matter of some clicks you can create a meeting point with which to share the tests with whom you want, be it a group of friends or a server dedicated to a forum. We tell you what steps you should take to make the leap away from strangers.

How to create a private game in Fall Guys

  • In the main menu click on the shows selection and go to the right side, where the ‘Custom Shows’ box is located.
  • Click on ‘Create game’.
  • Now you will see a load screen with the character falling to the void next to the total number of players.
  • For your friends to join, click on the show code (square in PlayStation). Share that code and players can join.
  • To change the test type click on ‘shows selector’.

How to join a private game in Fall Guys

  • After receiving an alphanumeric code, select on the main menu the carousel of shows and click on ‘personalized shows’.
  • Instead of creating item, click on ‘join’.
  • Write your code code you received it.


  • You will be within the game.

When creating a private game you can select between several predetermined game lists, among which is solo racing day, jump without stopping, just lava climber and show in solitatio x-trotmo , among others. You also have the option to combine several for a diverse experience.

In Meristation we have made extensive coverage about what you can expect from the game in the coming months. For example, in this link we tell you what are the costumes that will reach the closet, such code Godzilla, the Book of the Jungle and Fatal Fury . If you are regular to the game, you may be interested in adding the secodeonal pcodes.

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