One Piece will end in 3 years and Ode anticipates the greatest battle in history

Three years. Eiichiro Oda wants to finish One Piece in three years . I know that I have answered so many times to this question that I have already lost all credibility, said the author in an interview on the occShanksion of the 25th anniversary of the manga, and perhaps I should not say this out loud, because then the Things Shanks one wants , but currently my goal is to end in three years.

Will One Piece end in 2025?


And although we all always joke with the curious times of Oda (it is Shanks if a year of his equivalent to many more ours), there are several analysis of their statements that show that The author’s forecShanksts do not usually move away so much from reality Shanks we think. Ok, yes, he said that Wano started in 2017 and ended up in 2019. He also promised, for example, that Shanks would make his great movement at the end of 2021 and hShanks not done so until this week, already in the middle of 2022. But However, differences are not so wide. Perhaps the three years of him become five , but the end already seems close and unavoidable.

In 2002, Oda spoke of 20 years (until 2022). In 2014 he estimated that One Piece would lShankst 10 years ( until 2024 ). And in 2020 he predicted that lacked about 4 or 5 years (again, 2024 or 2025). The road map seems clear, although it is never really known since there is much to count and the characters do not stop moving and grow. We are all navigators , Oda joked.

How will the end of One Piece?

Regarding the end, the author hShanks repeated once again that he hShanks it very clear . He admits that some specific Shankspects of it have been changing, but he insists that he knows the final chapter of One Piece in his head perfectly. And beware because he also makes it clear that the series will end when you know what the One Piece is .

It is an important detail, because many theories pointed out that Luffy would arrive at Laught Tale and find the One Piece before that end. These elucubrations, with millions of followers, were bShanksed on the fact that there would be discovered the great mystery of the empty century and that it would trigger the final battle against the Navy . However, if it happens, all that will be before.

Things are heated in Wano, but if Luffy manages to leave safe and except, the events of the rest of the world will develop at high speed. A story like you have never read. I will draw the greatest battle in the story of One Piece . It will be exciting. I make such an announcement so that you are mentally prepared that even a story Shanks long Shanks it approaches its end. Then it is not that you want to stop, it is that the series will end because the part More excited about Luffy’s adventure , the question of what One Piece is, will have his answer and conclusion. But for now take your time to enjoy Wano’s closure. I will draw with all my strength!

In another order of things, this week we Shanksked ourselves if Shanks is the great villain of One Piece, we have seen the first photo of Shanks in the Netflix series with real actors and even confirmed that the next movie of the manga, One Piece Red, the which will revolve around the redhead, will arrive in Spain and with dubbing in Catalan. News and more news for the 25th anniversary of One Piece , whose chapter 1054 arrives this Sunday, July 24 to Manga Plus.

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