Lol: Incubus is the absolute champion by falling to Diamond Doves in the Star League

The Super Final of Star League places only the two best squads of both tournaments seeking maximum glory, after a closure where the Incubus team remains in first position during both phases now it’s time to face Diamond Doves who earn in opening To be able to take the meeting of the encounter but the pigeons will not leave things easy and will put their best strategies

In the first duel the Incubus team began dominant within the first minutes of the meeting finding great comfort in the plays they were raised, Doves tried to answer but did not come out in the best way, the surprise of the surprise of the Meeting would be Piqueos that would have a corki with which the rivals would disappear and with a battle at the rival base achieved a Pentakill with which they ended the game in their favor.

The second game would be from the beginning for the lower lane of the closing champion because the combination of Scenario and ceviche using Senna next to Seraphine would be brutal to take control of the line managing Important advantage along with huge damage that gradually fell to the rivals without letting their allies fall so easy with it would take a very good second point.

For the third meeting we see how the Incubus team takes very aggressive selections by leaving an akali in the hands of piqueos that would be a key piece to exploit the rivals and next to a yasuo of * Scenario * They would have enough damage to disappear the opponents, playing with their style the squad of demons managed to generate a superior advantage with which they take the victory.


Concluding with a forceful 3-0 the ** incubus skill displays and his surprise style to get that place at the next level.

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