[Review] Grotesque beyond the cruel fairy tale

What if there is a world where animals act like humans and grow humanity like livestock? Under the nominal or easy to grow pet human health, neutralization surgery is performed and the world is organized or euthanasia just because it is just tired. ‘Before the Knight’ is a horror action adventure game based on this worldview.

In fact, even though I don’t like horror games, this game is simple. It was first attracted to attractive stories and unique ways of directing, and was second to be a one-person development work. What should we distinguish between good and evil in the crazy world where cuteness and gore coexist? The horror game, but the ‘Beo The Knight’, which has continued the mood without a common jump scare, was so deeper that it could be deeper.

Game Name : Before the Night
Genre Name : Horror Action Adventure
release date : 2022.07.15
Review : 1.0.0
Developer : Eon Edu Catid Game Studio
Service : Eon Edu Catid Game Studio
Platform : PC
Play : PC


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Psychological horror that causes the gap between day and night

As mentioned earlier, Beo The Knight is set in the background of animal villages that people are treated as livestock. In the game, these facts are quite naked, and this allows you to feel psychologically fear and bizarre even though the jumpscare, also known as a so-called Jump Scare, is not available.

The first time you look at this game, it is easy to see a good healing game with cute animal friends thanks to the graphics of fairy tales. The characters that appear in the overall clever eyes and SDs are so cute that anyone can see it. But the cuteness of the animals turns into terrible at night. The cute rabbit is also afraid of the arms, and it is long enough to run away, and the fish that liked the earthworm turn into a bizarre deep sea.

In fact, in the game, the scenery itself is greatly changed so that it is called chestnut in the game. For example, in general, the night disappears and the surroundings are darkened. The night is not a canned plant, and the river does not turn into a bloody river. On the other hand, the night’s night’s night goes beyond the darkness, and the surrounding landscape and the form of life are bizarre.

At night, there is a big change in sound and directing as well as appearance. Bright and fresh background music turns into a creepy song at the moment of night, and it turns into a noise on the screen to stimulate fear. This change does not change in a moment, but rather changes a little bit from the moment you touch the trigger that is at night in the game, so it causes more frustrating fear than changing in a moment.

This dramatic change allows you to feel psychologically unpleasant valley. It’s a change that goes beyond some expected standards, so you can’t respond. In addition, the intentional contrast between light, darkness, bright colors and dark colors in the game also plays a big role in creating this horror atmosphere.

But if someone asks me, So is it really scary? This also contributes that the game is not 3D, but a 2D top view game. It intentionally narrowed the view in the game and squeezed it in a limited atmosphere, but because of the excessive bizarre and fairy tales, it is not more scary than I thought. In addition, there are no jump scare, and there are various means to beat the monster and the way to defeat the enemy is not just a horror game, but a device that makes it feel an action adventure game.

A sense of blowing action and monotonous puzzles

If you get a scary atmosphere with the gap between day and night, changing landscapes, and bizarre monsters, puzzles and combat systems that induce them to jump into this atmosphere provides more than fear.

The game proceeds by clearing the stage one by one, and the lever to open the portal for each stage should be operated. In other words, the player should be the top priority to loosen the various puzzles provided by the map and operate the lever to the portal. The stage consists of six stages, and as the late stage, various gimmicks appeared, but they generally showed similar forms.

This is because there are not many types of puzzles and adhered to the intuitive way. The types of puzzles are enough to destroy the flowers or pumps of life, one of the core gimmicks in the game, or obtain a specific lever or item, and use it as a way to solve it naturally when you wander around the map rather than using your head. It was.

There is no variable of the puzzle, so even if you die from the beginning in the midst of solving the puzzle, you can repeat the same thing you did before. If it’s the only variable in the play, it’s a monster that can’t be killed.

The size of the map is suitable and not so complicated, so the way to find was easy. It doesn’t provide a separate map in the game, but it shows the direction of the main object, so if you get used to it, you can find the way on the first map.

The special thing about the puzzle is that there is no one solution. Certain stages were divided into two means to solve the task, most of which were divided into non-killing or killing. In other words, it was a choice to kill the animals that exist on the map or to break around the map even if they were a little complicated. This choice is just a choice that comes from the convenience or psychological factor of gameplay because the means of clearing the stage has more than several meanings.

On the other hand, as the type and difficulty of the puzzle is smooth, the more difficulty of the puzzle, the greater the feeling of difficulty coming from the action. The beginning of the game is not called action. It is the level that you need to enjoy a rabbit who breaks down or breaks the board or can’t resist. However, as the game goes into the middle of the game, the weight of the battle to fight the monster increases, and the invincibility of the character’s attack decision is shorter, and the monster is fast and powerful, so it requires a higher level of difficulty.

The battles of the Beo The Knight are made by throwing the throwing item to the enemy. This requires throwing weapons, and throwing weapons can be thrown and reused, except for special items such as arrows and syringes. Therefore, basic battles were made by throwing weapons quickly to the enemy and recovering and throwing them again, and in the lack of the quantity of throwing items, they could feel quite exciting than expected.

If you die while playing a game, you have to play the stage again from the beginning, and you will lose all the items you have at this time. If you had played the game without dying, you would have a lot of throwing items, but if you die, you have to use only the items that offer little by little by stage.

In addition, the setting that loses everything after death has a significant effect not only on the battle but also on the puzzles. If you have five meat in the previous stage, you can solve the puzzle without any difficulty if you have a puzzle that needs to return 5 meat from the next stage.

This setting can break the game’s level design, but on the contrary, it can also be a device that adds and fun variables to the game. Luckily, the Night Nights must provide the items needed to solve the puzzles for every stage, so these devices did not come unreasonably when playing the game.

As a result, as the proportion of battle gradually increased than the puzzle, the fun of the game was also focused on action and adventure rather than fear. The horror atmosphere and feeling are also the first meeting, and if it continues to play throughout the game, it will eventually adapt to it. If you wanted to focus on the feeling of fear, I think that the weight of the battle would have been balanced than now.

Since it is an adventure game that is the center of the story, I don’t mention it separately, but I think it’s the game that shows the highest completeness throughout the game. The process of solving the story in the game was also clean, and there was no sense of heterogeneity in the flow and probability of the overall story. The game’s atmosphere and directing were added to the game, so I was immersed throughout the play time for about 3 hours and enjoyed the game.

The monotonous puzzles and the actions that have too much hands came to the second half, but I think it’s a pretty good game if you look at the overall completion of the game. We look forward to seeing what games will show in the future, in that these games have been made into one-person development.

If you want to feel the heavy story and game play contrasting with light play time, it is recommended to try Beo The Knight. The difficulty of the game is divided into five stages, so even if you are not familiar with the horror game of tagging, you can enjoy the game enough. If only the game can be passed over, I think it will be a memorable game for a long time after the ending.

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