[Covering] I listen to the users complaints, Lineage W visiting customer center

NCsoft released a video of Studio W and ‘Visiting Customer Center’ on the official Lineage W YouTube channel at 21:00 on Friday, August 5th. The visiting customer center contains the contents of Lineage W BJ, Lee Moon-ju, Bulldog, In-bum, Torki, and Sue Ginseng, where they meet with each department.


Previously, Lee Sung-gu, head of the Division, Kang Jung-soo, and Choi Hong-young, the head of the development department, unveiled the roadmap in the future and conducted a real-time user QNA, but this time a pre-edited video was released, and a new face was released. The main characters are Kim Je-ryong TD (Technical Director), Park Sun-woo DD (Development Director), Ryu Jung-min, and Lee Sang-min.

The four main themes in this video are macros, which are the biggest problems in Lineage W, item value preservation, class balance, and server stability. As users are the most common problems, the departments in charge of each department scrape the itch by explaining the causes, reasons, additional factors, and results.

Among the news that many users waited for, the alchemy system was mentioned in the preservation of the item value. The system will be updated in early August. The exact information has not been disclosed, but the new class will continue to be released. In addition, Lineage W, who can run with the PS5, also appeared briefly.

In order to commemorate the current customer center, you can access the special push ‘2 St. Poetry Box’ by accessing Lineage W. If you use a box, you can get good items such as advanced transformation, 5 11 magical doll cards, 5 blessed weapons, armor magic spells, only 5 pieces of Talism of distortion and distrust, and honorary coin. Special push can only be received for 24 hours at 21:00 today, and the unused two-pistol box will be deleted after 11 days.

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