Touhou PROJECT secondary desktop app Travel Koishi: Desktop Girl is distributed for free and is popular

On August 2, the Land Spirit Research Institute has launched Travel Koishi: Desktop Girl ~ Koishi Navigation Desktop Youkai . The platform is Steam and the price is free. This application is a popular character of Touhou PROJECT, Koishi Komei, colored the desktop. As of 18:00 on August 8, it was very popular in the user review on the store page.

Komei Komei Komei is a character that first appeared in the STG released by Shanghai Alice Genrakudan, the 11th installment of the Touhou Project, the 11th installment of the Touhou Reiden-SubterRanean Animism. Difficulty is waiting for the player on the EXTRA stage, which is added after clearing with no continuation. Many players have suffered the barrage.

Travel Koishi: Desktop Girl ~ Koishi Navigation Desktop Youkai is a so-called desktop mascot. It is a kind of application that was famous for visiting, which was popular in the early 2000s.

When you start the application, a Komei Koishi appears on the PC desktop. She doesn’t do anything special or useful for work, but she will just look at her swaying in her LIVE2D. When she clicks her, she responds her reaction with a pretty voice, a little. She shows more and more cute, such as being shy when she touches her head. She shows her reaction, such as being abused or escaping from a pointer, depending on her clicked part. She wants you to try it once.

She sometimes talks suddenly that she is left unattended, or suddenly becomes translucent. Perhaps the translucent expression of her ability to manipulate unconsciousness. Click here to show a special reaction. Isn’t such a gimmick a little accent when you’re heading to your PC? In addition, there is also a function to let her eat food and draw fortune once a day.

In addition, the chat function is also implemented in this work. Koji Komei will reply with the words entered in the chat window. You can make your own reaction by editing the Excel file in the folder. In addition, there is an online chat function that can communicate with other users. Looking at this, Chinese is the main. According to the store page user review, many Chinese users enjoy this chat.

Travel Koishi: Desktop Girl ~ KOISHI NAVIGATION DESKTOP YOUKAI is being distributed for free in Japanese, English and Chinese. How about accompanying the remote work that you are working on every day?

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