Roller Skating Action Roller Drom, developer video 2

Private Division and Roll7 (Roll7) announced on the 10th that they have released two videos of the new concept roller skating game ‘Roller Drom’.

‘Roller Drom’, which is scheduled to be released on the 16th, is a third-person action shooting game that combines roller skates and shots to differentiate with the action of the adrenaline and instinctive battles.


The game tells the story of Kara Hassan in 2030, where blood sports are popular and a company dominates, and digs into the league to become a rollerdromic champion and dig into the plot of large company Marthohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In addition, the developer’s ‘2030-drawn comic book style and character’ and ‘Sound of 2030’ will be released to relieve questions about the unique comic book style and soundtrack of ‘Roller Drom’.

The Comic Book Style and Character drawn in 2030 describes the process of character artist Rachel COX and lead artist Antoine Dekerle (Anton Dicker).

In particular, in the video, it is eye-catching by introducing how the comic book style art influenced the production process of Kara Hassan, the main character of the character, and the end of the game.

In the ‘2030 Sound’ video, composer ELECTRIC Dragon (Electric Dragon) starred in the modern beat, which melted the music of the 1970s and overcomes the difficulties of composing compositions.

‘Roller Drom’ is a 15-year-old rating, and will be sold for 22,968 won for the first two weeks on the Steam and PlayStation Store on the 16th.

Developer Roll7 is a London studio known for its unique gameplay, such as the Oliorori series and Not a Hero, and has a number of awards such as BAFTA.

For more information, please visit the official website, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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