[Todays Steam] Cult of the LAM

In June, the Next Fest event was held to introduce Steam’s indie game. ‘Cult of the Lam’, which creates its own religion and expands its ties, attracted attention. The unique atmosphere that comes from a dark background in contrast to the cute character is eye-catching. The game was officially released on the 12th and ranked second in the world’s best sales chart.

Cult of the Lam is a mixture of a dungeon crawler and a management simulation that aims to grow their own denominations by becoming a lamb that is chosen by the sealed god. In the process of raising the teaching, they must defeat the pagan interference, absorb their strength, explore dungeons, gather resources to build buildings for members.

The heroes of the heroes and the members who follow him are very cute, but the adventure that defeats the pagan leaders contains a rather hardcore log-like element. In addition, the difference between the cute character and the dull background, which is contrary to the cute character, raises the charm of the game.


Cult of the LAM’s steam user evaluation is’ very positive (1,478 participants, 89% positive) ‘as of the 12th, and it seems to have sniped many gamers’ tastes in the gameability that mixes cute graphics and dark atmosphere. One of the steam users who left the evaluation left an opinion that ‘people have put all the elements they like.’

In addition, Marvel Spider-Man Remaster, which is one day before the launch, is ranked first, and the Batman Arkham Collection ranked 10th with a 85% discount.

In the top 20 of the day, the top 20, the top 20, ranked 16th with 61,780 concurrent users, reflecting the popularity of Cult of the Lam. In addition, the number of concurrent users in Lost Arc decreased by about 60,000 people a day before, and the part was dropped to ninth.

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