Two Point Campus: This is how you get to Kudosh

You need the currency Kudosh in Two Point Campus to unlock all sorts of different objects. You need many of them to fulfill the wishes of the students. In this guide you can find out:

  • Whether there are Kudosh-Cheats

* How you get the fastest to Kudosh
* What options there are to earn the coins

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Are there Kudosh-Cheats in Two Point Campus?

Unfortunately there are no cheats or secret key inputs for Kudosh coins **. However, if you would like to experiment with the currency, there is at least one option to get a decent start-up capital. To do this, you have to unlock the sandbox mode by completing the first four campaign missions with at least one star.

If you activate the creative mode in the main menu, in which every object is activated, you will be available from the start 25,000 Kudosh for decorating and experimenting.

How to get the most effective to Kudosh

The most effective solution outside of the sandbox mode is Completing the career goals . This does not happen automatically and you have to pick up your reward. You will receive at least 50 Kudosh coins for a degree. Depending on which level you reach, it can also be more:

  • Bronze: 50 Kudosh

  • Silver: 75 Kudosh
  • Gold: 100 Kudosh

But there are other ways to get to Kudosh. They all have to do with the direct campus life and your assessment as a dean . You have the following options:

  • Ends certain research
  • Wins the Awards at the end of the year
  • Does optional inspections and challenges
  • Increases the star rating of your campus
  • Fulfills certain student wishes from your inbox
  • Clicks on a bookworm when he appears outside the campus-with a little luck he will keep a Kudosh reward ready for you.

If you have all the tasks and side missions diligently, you quickly collect enough Kudosh for your favorite objects .

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