Best Marvel’s Spider settings

The Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC version was released a few days ago, so we have been looking for the best graphics settings for a long time. There are many settings with which you can play, which gives us the opportunity to change the settings in accordance with the actual restrictions on our PC in order to ensure a smooth gameplay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered performance largely depends on the performance of the processor, unlike all other games that are mainly relying on the performance of the graphic processor. Read this guide to learn about the best settings for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Best Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

We provided you with all the settings that work best in the media in which we tested the game, so the ideal settings for your PC may vary slightly, but they will basically be focused around the settings below:

The quality of the texture: * very high
Filtering of textures: 8x
The quality of the shadows: High
surrounding occlusion: * ssao
Resolution of reflections with ray trace: high
The quality of geometry of reflections with ray trace: high
Range of objects of reflections with ray trace: * 8 °
Hair quality: * middle

depth of sharpness: * low
The level of elaboration of details: high
The density of the crowd: low
* Traffic density: low

Now you have knowledge about the best settings for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Go below to find out about the impact of changes in settings on the overall performance of the game.

The quality of the texture

The higher the memory of your graphic processor, the higher you can choose the quality of the textures. We recommend that you choose high textures in the settings if the total memory of your graphic processor is 6 GB, and very high textures if the total memory of your graphic processor is 8 GB, but you must reduce the adjustment of ray trace, if you want more smooth work. If your total graphic processor memory exceeds 10 GB, you can choose the maximum textures quality settings.

surrounding occlusion

Marvel’s Spider-Man offers the HBAO+ settings for the Ambient OCCLUSION, but this does not correspond to the artistic plan of the game, which is relied on SSAO by default, which provides much more occlusions than HBAO+. For better product performance, we recommend that you choose SSAO in the settings.

Depth of field

If you have a weak PC, we recommend that you choose a low setting of depth of sharpness, since it works with 1/8 of the resolution you have chosen, which makes the KAT scenes more smooth and deep, while making very less. Satter permission.

Although, if you have a higher class PC, you can choose the settings of depth of sharpness from medium to high, if you do not want to sacrifice anything.

Hair quality

If you are looking for optimized hair quality settings for a mid-level graphic processor, we recommend that you choose the average, as it will save you from all performance jumps that you see in KAT scenes and make a general impression 30% better than if if if You would have chosen high hair quality settings.

The quality of the shadows


The higher the quality of the shadows, the higher the details of the shadows in your gameplay will be displayed. For example, when setting up very high we were able to identify the shadow of the wires in the wall, which was not visible during the high and medium settings.

The recommended value of the quality of the shadows is high, because you will have a decent effect of shadows and at the same time will have a 3 percent compromise in performance compared to the very high settings.

The level of elaboration of details

You can feel the difference between very high settings and low detailing settings only if you go on foot, and not in the air, you can hardly see the difference between the two modes of the level of detail.

If you play this game on a middle-level PC, we recommend that you set high settings of the level of detail, as this will not affect the performance of the game and at the same time give you a good level of detail.

crowd and movement density

The results of medium and high settings for the density of the crowd and traffic are the same, since both settings show the good density of civilians even at a very large distance.

If you go to low settings, you will jeopardize the number of civilians in less dense areas, but get a significant improvement in performance, so it is better to choose low settings for the crowd and traffic density.

Filtering Textures and Quality

For filtering textures, performance will not suffer if you choose a high value equal to 8x, so it is better to choose the value of 8x for filtering textures. The same applies to the quality of the textures, so it is better to choose higher settings very high.

Reflections with Ray Trace

For resolution settings, we recommend choosing a high settings, as this will give you 50% more than the increase in performance if you choose the very high settings. Use high settings for geometry settings, as this will give you an increase in performance by 26% compared to very high settings.

The setting of the range of objects depends on the performance of your processor, so it is better to choose 6 settings for the range of objects, if you have a weak processor, which will give you a significant increase in performance by 23% compared to 10 highest settings.

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